Episode 15: The Master of the Old Master!!
                     [Roushi no Shi!!]

    China,   Five Old Peaks.
    [Chuugoku, Go    Rou  Hou]

    "Shiryu!", yells Shunrei who just came to the fields of Five Old Peaks. Shiryu stops his plowing on the soil and says, "Shunrei what is it?"
    "Roshi is calling for you!"
    "Roshi...", says Shiryu, solemnly. Shiryu walks over to the famous waterfall at Mt. Ro. Every once in a while, tourists would come to visit that famous waterfall which is said to have a Dragon God sleeping under it. Little do they know, it is actually one
                                                                                                                   [Ryuujin       ]
of the 88 Cloths of Athena that started the legend.
    Roshi has finished his job of watching the 108 Evil Stars in the last war but since 7 days ago, it is almost as if that never
                                                                                                  [Ma Sei  ]
occured. After returning from Athena's Spring, he has been sitting in his usual spot in front of the waterfall as if he never moved from it before.
    "Shiryu... I sense there is still something troubling you..." says Dohko whoís still looking at the sky.
    "I understand that Athena's Spring restored the life of the Gold Saints but... Roshi! I still don't understand! How did the Gold Saints get to Athena's Spring in the first place...? The last time you were seen you were in front of the Wailing Wall..."
    Hearing this, Roshi smiles, "Shiryu... When Athena wore her Cloth, didn't she wanted to save you Bronze Saints?"
    "Yes. She used...AH!" yells Shiryu who suddenly realized, "She used the Sphere of Life to save the Gold Saints!"
                                                                                                                                                       [Inochi no Tama ]
    "Yes... Shiryu. When Hypnos put Athena in that Sacred Jug, Athena didn't just let the God who Governs Sleep do that to
                                                                                                      [Seinaru Oogame:Big Jug]                            [Nemuri o Tsukasadoru no Kami]
her just to lure Hades out of his coffin but also, to used that time to save us Gold Saints... Because she knew..."
    "She knew?"
    "Ever since I've returned here, I have a weird premonition... No... I had it since..."
    Roshi was about to answer when a bolt of lightning strikes right behind him.
    "Cherubim,                 Magic, Merlin.", says the Thundera standing over the Libra Saint.
       Kerubimu,                         Ma-jiku  Me-rin
     [Chi Tenshi:Wise Angel]
    "You are here to kill me, Oracle?", asks Roshi calmly.
    "Yes, Dohko but I don't really want to...", answers Merlin.
    "I won't let that happen!", yells Shiryu but just when he was about to jump to attack Merlin, Dohko yells, "NO! SHIRYU! This is not your fight!"
    Shunrei just came over. She thought that Shiryu and Roshi would stay in Five Old Peaks forever with her, living normal lives, but again, they are called to duty!
    "Roshi...", says Shunrei timidly.
    Dohko stops sitting, stands up and turns to face Merlin.
    "Well Dohko, should I let you wear your Libra Cloth?"
    "No...", says Dohko with a grin, "I wouldn't want you to destroy it!"

    3 Weeks Ago, Muís Residence.
     [San Shuu Mae    Muu no Yakata]

    Aiolia, Shaka, Dohko is standing in front of the Leo, Virgo and Libra Gold Cloths respectively. Milo is standing in front of Aquarius and Kanon is standing in front of Sagittarius.
    "You donít have to do this...", says Aiolia to Kanon.
    "No", says Kanon, "But I vowed to Athena to used my whole life to make up for the wrongs I did. My twin Brother, Saga wronged your Brother, so itís fitting that I should at least do something to resurrect his Cloth."
    Aiolia nods. Right then all 5 Gold Saints used their right hand as a knife to cut their left wrist. Letting the blood flow on the Cloths, the once dead, cracked filled Cloth finally is alive again, though only a glimmer of life.
    Mu is standing with Kiki watching as the blood flow waiting for the enough volume. After one fourth of their blood has been absolved by the Cloths. Mu uses his psychokinesis to stop the blood flow and heal their wounds.
    "You have to leave now.", says Kiki, "Restoring the Gold Cloths will take all my Master's Energy and Will."
    "What?!" shouts Aiolia.
    "Ra Ma." says Mu calmly.
    "Ra Ma?"
    "Ra Ma is a construction technique that allows the Gold Cloth to absorb Sun Light. Without the Ra Ma, the 12 Gold Cloths wouldnít be able to create Zodiac Light together. Now please, leave...Ē


    Dohko burns his Cosmo, and the aura of a fierce tiger appears but interesting enough, he shouts,
 [KURAE!       ROZAN NO OUGI!!          ROZAN SHOU   RYUU   HA-------------------!!!]

    From his right punch, he launches his Finish Blow made famous by Shiryu! A roaring Chinese dragon heads straight for Merlin! Expecting Merlin to launch a counter attack, Shiryu is shocked to see that the Thundera instead move his hands in a circular motion and chants a certain charm!
    "GEMYND OFER MATERE.", chants Merlin.  Right then, Roshi's attack, the fierce dragon stops still in its motion and instantly, disintegrates! The leftover Cosmo energy flies away and dives down to the pond under the waterfall, making splashes!
    "Ha!" laughs Merlin, "These simple attacks won't work on me, Dohko..."
    "What just happened?" wonders Dohko, "It's almost as if the Cosmo of the Rising Dragon Supreme was perverted by his chants or maybe his Sixth Sense...?"
    "Truly Dohko! Just one little exchange and you already seen straight to my ability but, that was just a small example! The real attack is this! EVIL  EYE!!!!!!"
                    [EBIRU AI-!!!!!!]
    Merlin burns his Cosmo and behind him an aura of a beautiful female priestess with flashing eyes appears! With that flash, Dohko's body starts to scar and bleed all over!"
    "GYAHHHHHHHHH!!!!", scream the Libra Saint in pain!
    "Roshi!!!!!!!!!", shouts Shiryu who can't stand his Master being hurt! He was about to jump to attack Merlin when Dohko shouts, "Shiryu! Stand still!"
                       [Ugoku na!]
    The Gold Saint starts to burn his Cosmo and Cosmo Layers starts to cover Dohko's body, just like the Scales of a Dragon!!
    "WHAT!?" shouts Merlin who can't believe his eyes!
[RAIBURA DOHKO SAIDAI NO OUGI!! ROZAN HYAKU      RYUU       HA---------------!!]
    One of the most powerful attacks of any Saint in any generation! Dohko burns his Cosmo to the ultimate, concentrating it in both of his open palms and launches a Cosmo attack in the form of 100 Dragons heading for Merlin!
    Merlin uses his Cosmo to force his Halo to fly away. His body is hit totally by the 100 Dragon Supreme! His body is bloody and wounded crashing in rough edges of Mt. Ro!! He is close to dead but the Halo returns and the armor of the Oracles instantly heals his wounded body!! Merlin stands back up and smiles, saying, "If you can protect your Cloth by not wearing it, I can do the same with my Halo...!"
    Dohko is silent.
    "Dohko... I donít really want to fight you. I want you to join us but I wonít ask, because youíll never do that... You are one of the most powerful Saints if there ever was one... I have watched you now and then... for a long time from Heaven... I have watch you over 200 years ago..."
    "You mean..."
    "Yes! Iíve seen you progression from a trainee to a Saint. If I didn't remember wrong, your Master was the Pope before Sion!"
    "WHAT!?", shouts Shiryu, "THE POPE BEFORE SION WAS ROSHI'S MASTER!!!!!"

End of Episode 15.

Episode 16: Dohko No Regrets...
                    [Dohko Mukai]

    "My Master was Pope Libra Toraoh!", says Dohko,
"It was he who brought me here to this mountain to train to be a Saint.
"It was he who passed the Gold Cloth to me.
"It was he who passed the throne of the Pope to Sion.
"It was he who taught Sion how to soothsayed by watching the movement of the North Star.
"And it was he who told me that the Hades that we were fighting was actually a fake body!!Ē
    "Roshi!Ē, says the shocked Shiryu,"If I didnít remember wrong, in the Previous Hades War, you and Sion used the Libra Weapons. Did you used them to fight the Specters?Ē
                                                                                 [Mei Toushi:Under Fighter]
                                                                                 [Meioh    no Jyoosai!!]

    "Many of the Saints died in the first skirmishes. He finally found a pure person to possess. With his Will, he built an On-Land base of operation to further the fight with Athena."
    Shiryu is silent.
    "We needed the the Libra Weapons to destroy that Citadel. Sion used the Libra Sword and I used the Libra Shield..."
    "So...", says Shiryu, "When the war ended, Athena sealed the Evil Stars in that tower!"
    "Yes... Shiryu... The Libra Cloth is very important! I can't be selfish and wear it just for one fight. The Libra Weapons has always turned the situation around for Athena. Even in the first Poseidon War, the Libra Weapons were used to destroy and sink Atlantis!"
    "Roshi... You mean the Atlantis many have mistaken for a continent but it was actually a giant Sea Fortress!"
                                                                                                                                                                                               [Kai Jyousai]
    "Yes... There's really only one real lost Continent, The Continent of..."
    But right then, Merlin interrupts, "Dohko... Like I said, itís a shame you wonít join us but don't worry, after I send you to your final death... Your loving pupil will follow you!!
 PAGAN  DEUS    TRANSFORMATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Deus is Latin for 'God', so this move in English is 'Pagan God Transformation.' When Christianity spread through out the world, the Old Religion, the old worship of nature and the Great Mother was suppressed but, the old pagan gods did not die, instead, they converted their incarnation into the Angels, the Saints, the Holy Mother of the New Religion.
    Receiving this powerful attack from Merlin, Dohko is attacked in all sides of the sorcery of every one of those old deities!
    "DIE!!!!!!      DOHKO!!!!!!!", yells Merlin as he increases the magnitude of the attack but right then Shiryu jumps and
    [SHINE!!!!!! DOHKO YO!!!!!!!!]
sends a kick right at Merlin's head! Merlin is sent flying away again to the rough edges of Mt. Ro, crashing to the ground!
    "I won't just stand there and let you kill my Roshi", yells Shiryu, burning his Cosmo!
    The Thundera looks at the Dragon Saint with an angry look. He was about to go into an attack stance when he senses, "Huh? What is this Cosmo!? I can sense a strong Phosphorus from his body... This is just like the Phosphorus emitted by a
                                                                                                   [Rinki:Scale Chi]
Dragon rising to the Heavens... Can it be... Can it be that this man can..."
    "Shi... ryu...", says Roshi weakly, "I told you... to stand still..."
    "Roshi!!", cries Shiryu.
    The Old Master gets up and smiles, "Looks like it's time I have to break that rule..."
    "Break... that rule...?", questions Shiryu, "YOU MEAN! YOU WILL USE!!!"
    Dohko rushes over and holds Merlin tight from behind and burns all his Cosmo and an aura of the ascending dragon appears!
    [SHIRYU! SARABA DA!! ROZAN KOU          RYUU       HA-------------------!!]
    Dohko and Merlin lifts off from Five Old Peaks, ascending in an incredible speed! By rising so fast, the friction rubbing on their bodies start to burn and wound them! It's only a matter of time that they will break through the atmosphere of the Earth!
    But, Merlin hasn't given up! Even though his arms are bound by Roshi's hold, he can still use his mouth to utter a chant! He shouts, "OBE!!"
    Suddenly, Dohko's arms starts to loosen! The Libra Saint can't believe it! With just that little slack, Merlin burn his Cosmo and again, he forces his Halo to fly off his body!!
    "HA HA HA HA!!!", laughs Merlin.
    But right then, Dohko shouts, "IT'S TOO LATE! YOU ARE DEFEATED!"
    Merlin looks and he sees his whole Halo is being destroyed! The friction of Dohko's powerful attack has burned up all of his Halo!
    Right then, Dohko shouts, ďDIE!! ROZAN HUNDRED DRAGON SUPREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    The 100 Dragons are hitting Merlin and Dohko!!
    "GYAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!", screams Merlin! Finally without the Halo Merlin can only die!

    Shiryu looks up and he can see the falling Roshi.
    "Roshi!!", yells Shiryu as he sees his Master crashing down to his usual spot where he always sat. Shunrei rushes over to Roshi and cries, "Roshi..."
    "Shun... rei...", says the dying Saint, "I never thank you for always taking care of us..."
    "Roshi...", says Shunrei, unable to stop the tears, "You don't need to say that... If you didn't save me when I was abandoned here, I would have died then... It's me that needs to thank you..."
    Lifting his right hand to hold Shunrei's face, the Old Master smiles. Shunrei takes his hand with the both of hers and kisses it. Finally, Dohko, the Old Master, the Libra Saint is dead. Shiryu always knew that those days of spending time with his Master after the Hades War were really stolen days granted by Athena.
    For Athena, he has no time to grieve for his dead Master, for Athena, he can't stay in Five Old Peaks, for Athena, he has to go. He walks over to the crying Shunrei and says to her tenderly, "Shunrei... I..."
    "Yes...", says Shunrei still holding Roshi's dead hands, "I know... You have to go..."
    "I'm sorry... Shunrei..."
    "No... You don't need to apologize... I can't be that immature anymore... Go! Shiryu! You must go to Sanctuary!!"

End of Episode 16.

Evolution of Cloth

- The original Libra Gold Cloth that Masami designed is very simple. It is just a Scale nothing fancy like the anime version. In the New Cloth, it is a man with wings hanging behind his back, kneeling behind a massive Scale. He is ready to weight something holding the object form of one of Libra Weapons: Spear. The 2 Libra Shields will be the trays of the Scale. On those 2 trays are the pairs of weapons in object form: sword, twin-rod, and tonfar. Like the anime version, the other spear will be in weapon form behind the center of the Scale and beside the spear left and right are the tripple rod in object form. When Roshi wears the Libra Cloth, the weapons will hide like always and the wings will hide too.


Mu... The place where alchemy was born.
Mu..  The place where the Cloths were constructed.
Mu.   Will some of your mysteries be told?

Saint Seiya The Zeus Chapter - Earth
[Zennoo   Shin Zeusu Chijyoo Kai Hen
 Almighty God  Zeus  Land World  Chapter]

Episode 17: The Mystery of Mu.
                         [Mu- no Nazo]
             18: The Only One Who Can Restore Cloth.
                         [Kurosu o Shuufuku no yuiitsu no Mono]


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