Episode 17: The Mystery of Mu.
                    [Mu- no Nazo]


    "So, you are Kiki...", says Mu wearing his everyday clothes.
    "Yes.", says the 5-year-old boy, "The Priest in Tibet told me to come here to receive training... But can I ask you something first, Mu..."
 "MASTER Mu...", says the Aries Saint with a blank face.
 [Muu SAMA...  ]
    That comment made Kiki a little scared but he corrected himself, "Master Mu... why do we need to have this kind of decoration on our foreheads?"
    "They are marks representing that we are the descendents of the People of Mu. The left mark represents psychic skills and the right represents alchemical skills. Since the day you were born, didn't you find yourself able to move things by your mind or fix things without anyone teaching you?"
    "That is because you are gifted like I am. It is because we the descendants of those who originally came from the
Mu  Continent has a strong Six Sense. It was also there that the Cloths were constructed. But, the Continent sunk a long time
[Mu- Tairiku  ]
    "Who sunk it?"
    "I don't know... Not even my Master, Sion knows, but he said that it was recorded on a stone tablet that it might be the work of Zeus..."
    "Zeus...!", says Kiki wonderingly...


    A bolt of lightning strikes the ground of Jamir, and a Thundera appears,
"Virtue,                               Raiju,              Noh."
 Va-tyu-                                         [Thunder Beast]  No-
[Ryoku Tenshi:Strength Angel]
    Mu studies Noh's armor and says, "So that is the famous Halo made by the metal called, Heracleon."
    "Ha!", laughs Noh, "Indeed, Aries Mu! Yes, just like the Surplice is made by a metal only found in the
Underworld, Plouton; the Halo is made by a metal only found in Heaven, Heracleon. It is this metal that enables the
[  Meikai  ]       [Po-ton ]                                                                                        [Tenkai]
Halo to continue to regenerate our bodies. It is the genius of Zeus for him to choose this metal to protect us Oracles."
    "Oracles of Zeus...!", says Kiki to himself, looking intently at the Thundera...
    "Mu...", starts Noh, "You Gold Saints hid yourselves very well."
    "It was the Order of Athena. She had a premonition that this war might come. But now that you Oracles know we are alive we don’t need to hide our existence or our Cosmo anymore..."
    "FINE! I'LL... UH!", shouts Noh who realizes he can't move.
    "If you have heard of me..." says Mu, "Then surely you know my Psychokinesis are the strongest among the Gold Saints. I
                                                                                                                                        [ Nendouriki  ]
don't want to make unnecessary killings. Return to Heaven..."
    "Mu! You insult me! I don't know about minor Angels but do you think a Thundera like me will go back to Heaven without accomplishing our mission!
    "In Mythology where many Fallen Angels were damned to stay on Earth, many of them were actually not evil. Many of them chose not to return because they couldn't face the glory of Zeus. They couldn't take the fact of letting him down. Instead, they were willing to be cursed forever. But, some of those beings were later worshiped by man as Sages. By communing with
                                                                                                                                                                                          [Chisha:Wise Men]
them, pleading with them, the faithful hoped that the Sages would tell them a sure way to find the divine, to find heaven..."

    "Fine...", says Mu flatly, "Be cursed by my Psychic Power..."
                                                                                           [     Nenriki          ]
    From Mu's head, brain waves starts to spread from the Gold Saint to the Oracle. Noh is thrown up toward the clouds and crashes straight down to the ground!
    "GYAH!", screams Noh, but Mu doesn't stop! Noh is thrown behind Mu where the mountains of Jamir resides!
    "GWOH!!", yells Noh.
    Mu turns to look at Noh and says flatly, "Have you had enough? Your Halo will regenerate your wounded body, but I doubt you want to continue this forever..."
    Noh doesn't answer...

    "As I said before... Kiki, I have to begin your training, but first, answer me now, what are the Cloths made of?"
    "Orichalcum, Gammanion and Star Dust    Sand"
      [Oriharukon      Ganmanion             Suta- Dasuto Sando
                                                                 [Ginboshi        Sa:Silver Star Sand]
    "Yes, but what are they?"
    "Hmmm...", mumbles Kiki, trying to remember what the priests taught him in Tibet, "Orichalcum, also called 'Mountain Copper'. The metal used to make the Scale of the Marina. The planet Neptune has a lot of this material."
    "Gammanion. The metal only found in the Mu Continent."
    "Yes, but Gammanion is actually a four vocable word with meanings. What are the meanings?"
    "Uhmmm... Gam or 'Kam' means 'Recieve', 'Ma' means 'Earth, 'Ni' means 'Peak' and 'On' means 'Circular', which is, 'Let the circular earth recieve this stone at its peak'. Magicians once called it, 'The Philosopher's Stone'..."
    "Star Dust Sand?"
    "Star Dust Sand is the essential element of the universe that can evolve to stars and planets in time..."
    "How many classes are there of the 88 Cloths?"
    "Four. 48 Bronze,   24 Silver,   12 Gold and, 4 Kaiser..."
                         Buronzu            Shiruba-         Go-rudo           Kaiza-
                        [Seidou]           [Hakugin]       [Ougon]           [Kubu]
    "Very good...", says Mu finally smiling. If Kiki forgot to mention the Kaiser Cloths, Mu would have told Kiki to go back to Tibet and the boy would not start his training.
    "But Master Mu, if I didn't remember wrong Kaiser means, 'Emperor', why is that?"
                                                                                                                               [Teioh ]
    "It is because the 4 Kaiser Cloths were originally the armor of the Emperor of Mu..."
                                                                                                                                        [ Mu- Teioh   ]

End of Episode 17.

Episode  18: The Only One Who Can Restore Cloth.
                     [Kurosu o Shuufuku no yuiitsu no Mono]

    "At the time of the Sinking, our Emperor along with some People of Mu escaped on a ship. When they reached land, they found a place to stay... here! Our Emperor named this place, Jamir.
    "His Majesty then rebuilt his Cloth into 4 Cloths reshaping it to represent the mythical ship, Argo. Because of their massive
     [ Teioh sama ]
power, they are rarely used. In fact, if I didn't remember wrong, those 4 Cloths along with 1 other Cloth are seldom used."
    "What was that other Cloth?", asks Kiki.
    "Well... That one resides in Death Queen Island and the 4 Kaiser are sealed in Sanctuary... In fact, if I didn't remember wrong, in the previous war where 79 Cloths were used, each of those Cloths over the ages have been used many times... The 1 in Death Queen Island has never been used by any Saint any where. And those sealed Cloths have been sealed for quite a long time..."

    "Fine, Noh... Answer this question, are there any more Oracles sent down other than you Thunderas...?"
    "I won't betray my comrades, Mu! And your Psychokinesis will not work on me anymore!"
    "Bad form, Noh! Lying is unfitting for an Angel..."
    Mu flashes his eyes and sends his invisible power to twist Noh's body but right when Mu was convinced the Oracle was going to writhe in pain, nothing happens!
    "What?", utters Mu.
    Instead Noh starts to stand up freely and starts cleaning the dust off his Halo!
    "Ha ha ha....", laughs Noh, softly, "Mu... I am not just any Oracle. I am Virtue! Take this!
    "Uhm...”, Mu doesn’t feel anything and says, “INFLUENCE?"
    "Your Psychokinesis comes from your Six Sense but still it obeys the normal rules of energy transference, it is just that instead of using your hands, you just use your mind to manipulate objects. But with MY INFLUENCE I can limit your Six Sense, or your Mind Waves, and prevent them from transforming into energy, so that now, you can't attack me anymore..."
    Noh starts to burn his Cosmo and shouts, " DIE!      MU!  ELECTRIC     RAIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
                                                                    [SHINE! MUU I-RETORIKU RAIDE-------------------N!!]
    Raiden means, 'Thunder Electricity', in Japanese myth, he is the God of Lightning. From both his hands, red and orange electric shocks travels toward Mu! The Gold Saint was about to teleport to dodge this attack when he realizes he couldn't, he then shouts, "CRYSTAL       WALL!!!!!"
                  [KURISUTARU UO-RU!!!!]

    The Aries Saint opens his arms and a transparent glass wall appears in front of him protecting him from the attack!
    "WHAT!?", shouts Noh.
    Taking this chance, Mu cancels the CRYSTAL WALL and launches his Finish Blow, "Noh, do not underestimate me!
STAR  DUST       REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
SUTA- DASUTO REBORYU-SHON------------------!!]
    As if from a rotating galaxy, all the stardust comes out of Mu's Cosmo arching toward Noh, flying to bombard him! Noh can't move fast enough to dodge the attack! He finally shouts,
    "RAIDEN SHIELD!!!!!!!!"
    From Noh's left hand, he creates a Cosmo Shield from the clouds of the sky and Mu's massive attack is blocked! Both men stay still for a second to let what just happened sink in.
    Noh breaks the silence, "Mu... If we continue like this, it would be a 1000-Day-War!"
                                                                                                           Wan Sauzando Uo-zu
                                                                                                                                              [Sen Hi Sensou           ]
    "Uhmm... Yes...", says Mu recognizing that this Oracle is the most worthy opponent he's ever had.
    "THEN TAKE THIS!!", shouts Mu burning his Cosmo, and behind him massive Rings of Light appears!!!
                                                                                                                                                                      [Ooi naru Hikari no Wa]
    "STAR  LIGHT  EXTINCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    [SUTA- RAITO EKUSUTENSHON------------!!]
    Mu's light starts to crack Noh's shield and penetrating through to consume Noh, "GYAHHHHH!!!!!!!"
    But, Noh is not defeated! His Halo is damaged but not enough and again it regenerates Noh's body.
    Mu can’t believe his eyes. S.          L.         E. should have destroyed his Halo fully and Noh should be dead!
                                           [SUTA- RAITO EKUSUTENSHON]
    "Mu... I stand corrected. We won't fall in 1000-Days-War..."
    "RAIJYUU                REPPUU  SHIDEN                    KEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", shouts
Noh launching his most powerful attack!
    With all his Cosmo concentrated in his hands, a fierce beast made up of purple electrical currents appears! It heads straight for Mu!
    "CRYSTAL WALL!!!!!!!!!", shouts Mu, but the beast crashes through the wall, punches into him!"
    "MASTER MU!!!!!", shouts Kiki as he sees the Aries Gold Cloth smashed to nothing! Mu gets blown, landing few meters away!
    "Ha!", laughs Noh, "As expected, your Aries Cloth is made for Psychic Soldiers, that is why only Sion and you can wear it
                                                                                                                                    Saikiku- Sorujya-
                                                                                                                                   [Nenriki  Senshi]
and use it fully, but because of the MY INFLUENCE, your Gold Cloth has lost its real power... That is why your Star Light didn't kill me..."
    Noh walks over to Mu, looking down at him, "Mu... What a shame... If you were taken to Heaven I am sure, that Olympus God would love to have you as a helper..."
    "That Olympus God?"
    "No... I'm not talking about Zeus... Anyway... You won't join... UH!"
    Right then, Noh can feel Mu burning his Cosmo, "WHY! MU!? Nothing you can do will save you!"
    Mu burns his Cosmo even more and his whole body is surrounded by a Gold Light! He shouts, "NOH!! YOUR INFLUENCE is a powerful skill but I told you not to underestimate me. Do you think I only have attacks that depend on my Six Sense or my Cloth?"
    "What!? What are you saying?"
    "Even with your INFLUENCE, that is one thing you can’t limit!"
    "DIE WITH ME!!!!! STAR  CORE  NOVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
                                   [SUTA- KO-    NOVA---------------!!]
    Mu burns every single bit of his Cosmo! Like a expanding star who has started its own Nova, it can't be stopped! Before long, Noh is bounded and swallowed by the Nova, slowly pulling him inside the core!
    "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" shouts Noh, and together with Mu, they explode! The massive explosion topples the Five Level Residence of Mu! Each story of the tower-like-structure falls on the ground, fractured, broken.
    "Mas... ter... Mu...", says Kiki but right then, he hears Mu's voice, "Kiki..."
    [Muu... sa... ma...]
    Kiki knows Mu is not alive. This is Residual Thought, thoughts left over after a psychic is dead.
                                                                            [Zanryuu   Shinen]
    "Kiki... Whenever I had to restore Cloths. You always helped me with the tools of the Sculptor Studio Cloth. You may not
                                                                                                                                                                                  [Chookoku Shitsu Seiza]
be a Saint but that Cloth is betowed to you. Use that Cloth and all its tools, and everything I taught you as you will..."
    "Master Mu...", says Kiki, welling with tears.
    "Kiki, you succeed me... Now that I am dead, You are the Only One Who Can Restore Cloth... So Long, Kiki..."
                                                                                                    [Kimi wa Kurosu o Shuufuku no Yuuiitsu no Mono         Saraba da Kiki...]
    "Goodbye Master Mu... I’ll never forget you and I'll never forget your teachings..."

End of Episode 18.

Evolution of Cloth

- The original Aquarius Cloth was a actually a fan design. Jump Weekly held a completion, and Masami reworked the winning design for his manga. The new Aquarius Cloth in storage form will be a young boy full of beauty with wings behind his back holding a giant Jug above his head. When Camus wears the Cloth, the wings will be hanging behind his back.


    Seiya! One more time, that Cosmo!
    Seiya! One more time, that Cloth!
    Seiya! One more time, fight!

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