Episode 1: Thunder! The Warriors of Zeus!!
                  [Raimei!  Zeusu no   Senshi!!]

    Japan, Kido Mansion.

    "Excuse me, Miss Saori.", says Tatsumi the butler/bodyguard of Saori Kido, entering her office.
    "Well, what do you have?", says Saori standing by a window with the sunlight shining in the room, wearing a dress that's pure, white and magnificent.
    "All of the astronomers around the world has found the same results. The comet is approaching our Solar System. No one can explain the speed and the trajectory of that comet."
    Saori shakes her head, "Any thing else?"
    "Well... That comet has a name... Elli."
    "Elli...?", says Saori to herself...

    Three days after the Hades War, people around the world started to notice a red light in the night sky. It was so bright, everyone around the world could see it just by looking up. It turned out to be a comet that was heading to our solar system,
  Red Comet   Elli.
[Akai Suisei   E-ri]

    In Norse Mythology, Elli was an old woman who wrestled with the Thunder God Thor, and won. How can such a powerful God lose to her? Because Elli means 'Age', even the gods can't fight that.
    Saori can't help but think, what a good name for that comet. Will it signifly the dawn of a New Era?

    "Tatsumi, I'm going for a walk in the garden..."
    "Yes, Miss Saori."  Tatsumi looks up on the wall and he can see a vintage clock bought by Mitsumasa Kido a long time ago and it shows the time to be 3 minutes till noon.

    To the back of the mansion, Saori goes. A beautiful garden is found there, full of blooming flowers that Mitsumasa Kido loved, but, what he loved most of all, was the tree in the center.
    Saori walks there and sits under that massive tree. She looks up, glazing at the sunlight passing through the leaves. Every time she sees that, she can't help but be moved that such beautiful things exist in the world. And not only that, this world is filled with so much of the same, so much of this kind of beauty.

    Mitsumasa, her Step-Grandfather used to tell her, a tree is a symbol of life, a symbol that says everything is connected, everything has a root, everything has a source. After his death, Saori always came here to comfort herself, to be with him.
    As she is caught in her memories, the sky darkens and clouds start to blanket the sky. Before she knows it, the sky is so dark, she can't believe it is the middle of the day.
    "What's happening?", says Saori, as she hears thunder rumble all over. She sees flashing in the clouds, lightning striking everywhere on the land! A thunderstorm?
    The clouds directly above the tree flashes, and rumbles even louder. Tatsumi just stepped out and is standing at the edge of the garden. He fears a bolt of lightning might strike the tree. He shouts, "Miss Saori! It is too dangerous to be under that tree!! Come back in!!"
    Saori stops sitting and stands up, but before she can even make a run for it, the lightning strikes!
    "MISS SAORI!!!!", shouts Tatsumi. Luckily, it didn't strike the tree, but the bolt of lightning struck a few yards away in the surrounding garden, causing a lot of smoke to hover.
    Tatsumi can see the flowers there are black, burnt by the intense heat, but more importantly, he seems to see a figure in the smoke. The figure seems to be kneeling!
    As the smoke clears, the man kneeling on one knee in respect, finally speaks, "Goddess Athena... It is my honor to finally
meet you..."
    Saori watches in amazement as the man stands up, holding his helmet with his right hand. She can see he is wearing an
armor shining a blue light like the blue sky a while ago. The Incarnation of Athena shouts, "Halo!"
                                                                                                                                                                                   [Ten I:Sky Cloth]

    Upon hearing this the man laughs, "Ha ha ha! Excellent! You do remember, Athena... I am wearing the proof of Zeus's Warriors! The proof of the Oracle!
                                                      [Ten Toushi:Sky Fighter]

    "I am one of the 9 Thunderas.
                                         [Ten Rai Shou:Sky Thunder Commander].

 Guardian,                    Argus,               Narcissus."
 Ga-di-on                                Arugasu
[Go Tenshi:Guard Angel]  [Ten Ku:Sky Dog]

    "So...", says Saori, "The anxiety I felt this whole month is founded. Zeus is going to take back the Earth! But, why? Why
    "It's time..."

    "As you know, Athena... In the Age of the Gods, when the world was filled with evil, Poseidon was going to drown the world by a Great Flood but Prometheus gave forewarning to Noah and he and his clan survived... And when Sodom and Gomorrah went against the Orders of the Gods, Zeus brought about a Great Destruction by raining brimstone and fire
                                               [Kamigami no Mei]
on them, but again Prometheus gave forewarning to Lot and he and his clan survived...
    "But now, in this time, in this age, even Prometheus has given up on mankind. Zeus will bring about a Great Cleansing, and
                                                                                                                                                                                                               [Dai    Shukusei  ]
rid all the evil that is pervalent in this world. After that is done, all the Gods of Heaven will descend back to the Land, and a New Age of the Gods will Begin!"
    "Then...", says Saori, "The Earth will be destroyed in the Name of God?"
                                                                                                                       [Kami no Na  ]
    "Athena... By Zeus's Hands, He will take the world from the control of men and entrusted it back to the control of the Gods. The Destruction of the Earth is only a matter of time... Either I welcome you back to Heaven, or..."
                                                                                                                                                                       [Ten Kai:Sky World]
    "Narcissus... I love this Earth. I will protect it! That is my duty!! Even if I anger Him, even if I anger all the Olympus Gods, I..."
    Hearing this, Narcissus grins, "Huh. Zeus warned me you would say that...." The Thundera puts his helmet back on his head and says, "I apologize for this! DIE, ATHENA! SPECTRAL       IMPULSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
                                                                       [SUPEKUTORU INPARU-----------SU!!]

    From Narcissus's right hand, he launches his Finish Blow! An impulse in the shape of a blue fireball heads straight for Saori's
                                                                                               [Hisatsu Waza:Fatal Skill]
body! Seeing the blue fireball, Saori is frozen and can't move!
    "MISS SAORI!!!", shouts Tatsumi. The speed of the blue fireball is so fast there is no way she can dodge it! Just when Tatsumi thinks Saori is about to be hit, 4 figures appear right in front of Saori and bounces the attack away to the ground!
    "What!?", shouts Narcissus. He can't believe his eyes, with the impulse hitting the ground and exploding there, it creates a lot of smoke hovering in front of the 4 figures, almost like it is mirroring his own perfect entrance!
    Tatsumi wonders who are these 4. It can't be Jabu and the other Bronze Saints. It can't be Seiya either... because Seiya is...
                                                                                                                                                      [Sei Toushi:Sacred Fighter].
 As the smoke dissipates, Narcissus can see the 4 figures wearing armors. He knows they are wearing Cloths, but he can't figure what those Cloths are.
                                  [Sei I:Sacred Cloth]
THEY ARE NOT BRONZE, SILVER OR GOLD! He can see the Cloths are shining with an eerie crimsion light. He shouts,
                                 Buronzu         Shiruba-            Go-rudo                                                                                               [ shinku ]
                                     [Seidou]         [Hakugin]         [Ougon]
"WHO ARE YOU!!!???"
    The 4 shout "KAISER SAINTS!!!"
                        Kaiza-     Seinto
                       [Ku Bu:'Red Military']

End of Episode 1.

Episode 2: The Ultimate Saints!
                 [Shikou no      Seitoushi! no maki]

    "Kaiser?", shouts Narcissus, totally puzzled. He has never heard of them. One of the 4 Kaiser Saints steps up and shouts, "It is not surprising you never heard of us. Even in Sanctuary, many do not know our existence.
                                                                                              [Seiiki:Sacred Precinct]
    "Among Athena's army of 88 Saints, only 84 belong the class of Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Last 4 Saints are considered to be Athena's Secret Unit, her last defense! When the Saints of Athena are weakened greatly, it is then that we are allowed to
                             [Kage no Butai:Shadow Force]
engage in battle..."
    "Then your Cloths...?", questions Narcissus.
    "In the 88 Constellations, there are 4 which formed one ancient constellation. That Constellation represents a ship in Greek Mythology, a ship that the Argonauts traveled in..."

    "Then you mean!!"
                                                                                                          [  Ryuukotsu Za                   Karina no     Akkirisu]
    Another of the 4 shouts, "I AM THE SAILS CONSTELLATION, VELA, IKAROS!!!"
                                                                               [ Ho Seiza                                              Be-ra no Ikarosu!!!]
    Another of the 4 shouts, "I AM THE MAST CONSTELLATION, MALUS,  KYOU!!!"
                                                                                [Hobashira Za                                     Marusu no Kyou]
    The last of the 4 shouts, "I AM THE POOP CONSTELLATION, PUPPIS, NAO!!!"
                                                                              [Tomo Za                                             Papissu no Nao]
    Nao steps up and says, "Well, Narcissus, will you be my opponent?"
    Before Narcissus answers, laughter can be heard behind the Thundera. Achillies says to himself, "I knew it..." He can see 5 figures suddenly appear behind Narcissus, wearing Halos!
    There are 5 Oracles behind Narcissus. The one who was laughing before is kneeling to the right of the Thundera and says,
    "Commander Narcissus doesn't need to dirty his hands with these leftover Saints. Please allow us to take care of them..."
    [   Narushisasu sama           ]
     "Very well...", says Narcissus, "Though you are not as powerful as I am, each of you have a power that can rival the Gold Saints. These Kaiser Saints will be easy..."
    The 5 Oracles goes over to the Kaiser Saints. They can see the four Kaiser Saints are not wearing their head-gear.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     [  masuku  ]
They are holding them with their left hand around their waist.
    Unlike the other three, Achillies is wearing a crown that is not part of his Cloth. There are three hollowed marks at the center of that corona. Does this decoration mean, he is close to a particular deity?
    The Oracle who laughed before, says to the Kaiser Saints, grinning, "Well, are you prepared to die?"
    "Yes." says Achillies, stepping forward.
    "What!?", shouts the Oracle, surprised.
    Achillies continues, "As a Saint of Athena, we are willing to die for her, but... not yet!"
    "THEN!  LET'S SEE!!" The 5 Oracles attacks Achillies, sending punches and kicks toward the Kaiser Saint's body, but right when their strokes connect, they immediate bounce back as if a secret energy is repelling their attacks!
     "IMPOSSIBLE!!", shouts the Oracle who insulted the Kaiser Saints!
     [ BAKA NA!! ]
    "Oracles!", shouts Achillies, "Our Cloths are not just any Cloths! The 4 Kaiser Cloths are the most powerful among the 88. Do you know why? It is because our Cloths has a power and defensive capability that are very close to the Libra Weapons! With Athena's Permission, we can use these Ultimate Cloths!"
    Achillies starts to burn his Cosmo, and launches his Finish Blow!
                                                         [Shou Uchuu:Microcosm]
    He shouts, "TAKE THIS! THE PUNCH OF THE KAISER!! SERIOS    EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
                     [UKE YO!      KAIZA- NO KEN!!                      SERIOSU A---------------SU!!]
    Serios is Greek for 'Scorch', so this move in English is 'Scorch Earth'. Using his Cosmo, Achillies sends radiation toward the Oracles! The Warriors of Zeus are liken to be plunged beyond the Radiation Belt of the Earth! Their Halos and bodies starts to fry all over!
    "GYAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!", screams the Oracles in agony as the radiation roasts their flesh off their bones and finally even their skeletons turn to cinders!
    Tatsumi has been sweating all through this and can't even breathe correctly, but as he sees the ashes of the Oracles fade away with the wind, he can finally take a breath.
    Narcissus can't believe that his troops under his command would perish so fast! He says to himself, "CAN IT BE THAT THESE KAISER SAINTS HAVE A POWER ABOVE GOLD!?"
    Nao steps away from the other Kaiser Saints and goes over to Narcissus and says to him, "Shall we?"
    "Huh!" snares Narcissus in annoyance, "So, you think just because one of you killed my troops in an instant, you can do the same with me...?"
    "I advise you not to underestimate me...", says Nao. Narcissus sees Nao wearing a mask, the mark of a female Saint, the decorations around the eye portions are like flowing rapids.
    "No, I do not...", says Narcissus, "I can sense from your Cosmo you are one of the most powerful of the 88 Saints, but no man, woman or GOD can defeat me! Maybe even Zeus, himself can't defeat me!!! SPECTRAL IMPULSE!!!!!!!"
    Again, Narcissus launches an impulse in the shape of a blue fireball, but this time it heads straight at Nao. Nao stands there and starts to burn her Cosmo!
    "It's useless!", shouts Narcissus, "The four of you were able to deflect my attack to the ground, but you alone can't do it!"
 But, as Narcissus sees her burning her Cosmo, he can see an aura rise behind Nao. A ship! No! The rear end of a ship!?
 Nao catches the blue fireball in her hands and it pushes her back, dragging her feet, creating trails on the ground! Finally the impulse subsides and disintegrates between her hands.
    "Impossible!", shouts the Thundera!
    "The same Skill can't be used on a Saint twice... Your Spectral Impulse is just a Trick!", shouts Nao.
                                                                                                                                                                      [Ma Ken:Evil Punch]
    "By using your Cosmo, you create a spectrum between your hands and you launch that energy toward an opponent, but the blue color is a false pretense! You create that color to trick your opponents into thinking the energy must come from your Halo, but in truth you are half hypnotize them. By making your opponent stand still, you therefore make sure you connect with the attack! That's why Athena just stood there as if frozen, not dodging your attack..."
    "You have seen through my Skill!?"
    "Narcissus! Bring this message back to Zeus! Even if all the others Saints are annihilated, we would be still here to protect
Athena! TITANIC      CRUSHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
           [TAITANIKU CURASH--------YA!!]"
    In Greek Myth, the Titans governed the planets of our solar system. Narcissus is likened to be crushed by all the planets around him. His Halo, his body is destroyed by that massive pressure!!
    With this fight over, Achillies turns to the Goddess with a bowed head and utters respectfully, "Athena, it is much safer to be in Sanctuary, please allow us to escort you to Your Temple."
    "I understand.", answers Athena.
     As Athena and the Kaiser Saints leave, the only thing left of Narcissus is his own perfect corpse.

End of Episode 2.


    June has been missing since the 12 Temple Fight.
    Where has she been? What has she been doing?
    And, what is the real reason behind the assassination of Cepheus Daidaros?

Saint Seiya The Zeus Chapter - Earth
[Zennoo   Shin Zeusu Chijyoo Kai Hen
 Almighty God  Zeus  Land World  Chapter]

Episode 3: Fierce Battle! Andromeda Island!!
                      [Gekisen!             Andoromeda Tou!!]

Episode 4: The Pope's Key!
                      [Kyoukou no Kagi!]


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