Already, the 12 flames kept in the Fire Clock has disappeared, only the innumerable glittering stars in the night sky has come out to shine on these youths, youths who challenged the fight of the 12 Temples which was the first decisive battle in Sanctuary at this time.  The tender starlight is like healing the wounds of the youths.  Already, more than 12 hours has passed and the severe fight is at a close.

  After the surviving Gold Saints carried away Shiryu and the others to get them healed, Saori is still hugging Seiya close to her chest.  Though she knows no matter how many times she calls, Seiya already has no strength left to answer her, but without wiping away her overflowing tears, she continues to call Seiya's name in her heart, (Seiya...)

    ....How many times has she call his name until now?

    While Saori was still a little girl and before she had learned of her own destiny, the destiny of being the incarnation of Athena, Seiya openly snarled at Saori whenever she was alone.
  Having been seperated from his only blood kin in the world, his big sister Seika, and having to endure the strict training as a Saint Candidate, Seiya hated his own fate, a fate just like a bug being played by a gust of wind.
    Seiya probably thrust his irritation and anger at Saori, rigidly.  She had a hard time with Seiya, the more he disobeyed her, the more she hated him. But, the young Saori from that time had already noticed...,(Seiya is the same as me...)

    As the only girl in the Graude Foundation, totally well off, with freedom rein, Saori had no one she could confide in. She was totally alone. Even if there were many servants and Saint Candidates, they all kneeled down and satisfied her every need. Saori cleary felt that they totally respected the authority of Mitsumasa Kido, the leader of the Graude Foundation, not for her.
    Because of that, she felt, alone, irritated, uneasy, and angry...  Saori realized Seiya's eyes which was glaring fiercely at her was the same eyes in her. And, she tortured Seiya, but inside her heart, she was shouting, (Seiya...! Tell me...! Is it okay no matter what I do?! What will become of me?! Seiya...!)

    Before long, from the day Saori knew her own destiny as the incarnation of Athena, she earnestly wanted to shed her former self.

    Being scattered, around the world to get the Bronzes Coths, Seiya and the others, after 6 years returned in Japan again, but Saori imposed a new trial on them called, the Galaxian Wars.  Not only going through many of hardships to get the Bronze Cloths, Seiya and the others at that time were ordered to cruelly fight with each other.
    Saori was just like a queen feasting her eyes while drinking wine, as the slaves fight in the that once Roman Collosseum of Greece.[I think the writer meant Roman Empire?]
    .....The stare of Seiya and the others didn't change, not even one little bit.   Having grown strong, wearing the Pegasus Cloth, Seiya's expression was full of confidence in front of the Saints, but as expected, his gaze at Saori, was the same as in the past.  Saori swallows that hateful expression.  Now, what would happen if that expression is shown again?

    As the Cosmo of Athena was awakened in the body of Saori, the Galaxian Wars was just the passage of a simple prelude, because from then on, Seiya and the others can clearly feel that, extraordinary fighting would be visited upon them.
    From then on, the passage of time was just like a storm, the animosity between Seiya and the others and Saori unknowningly disappeared.  After spending time together, overcoming every fight and trial, again and again, that gulf between them was buried.
    Saori was no long Saori Kido, but Athena. Seiya and the others are the Saints of Athena.  They protect Saori; and Saori, too, protects Seiya and the others.


    In between those fights, from time to time when Seiya shows his smile,  even Saori had thought it dazzling.  Of course, those smiles are not for Saori Kido, but for Athena and the symbol of peace of Athena.  Saori, too, happily returns a smile in her heart.

    Since they were very young, Saori can remeber when ever she called Seiya, he always flunged a question at her but now, it has turned to a tender smile....

    When that warm feeling rises in her chest, Saori totally is no longer Athena but returns to be a common girl. Just like now, the injured and exhausted Seiya, his face layed down in her chest, feeling his warmth.  The pain of being hit by Sagitta Tramy's Golden Arrow has already faded away, and turned into a peaceful feeling.

  The Saints compelled a hard fight, and she wanted things as it is and not take the heavy responsibility as Athena. When she looks up at the expressive image of Athena Statue standing high by her side, Saori own expression is just like a small bird that is frightened away.  Flapping its wings, just a young girl, alone, just Saori Kido.

    A lone man was looking after Saori while she was there.  It was Gold Saint, Aries Mu...

Chapter 2 Athena's LoveClick Here