Athena's Love

    The following day, breaking the silence, voices like roaring waves shake Sanctuary.  They are the voices celebrating the Advent of Athena, praising her.  Because of Saga's conspiracy, the truth about her was covered in a veil of secrecy where many doubted her existence, but now, Athena has appeared in front of everyone, beautiful and noble.  The people living in Sanctuary are all glad that the dispute is over and that justice has won. And, they pray and believe, that the peace visiting now will continue forever, from here on in.

    Saori feels the same.  Sanctuary, said to be a critical area of the earth, turned into a battlefield where the blood of many comrades have flowed. Probably, many people felt afraid and uneasy there.  But, with Athena facing the people with a tender and encouraging smile, no one can see a spot of cloudliness anywhere.

    Except for one...

    On the outskirts of Sanctuary, inside a dense and overgrown forrest, in secret, a small, hush and worn out temple stands.  It is there that a spring called, 'Athena's Spring', exists, but it was not named because of its beauty.  The atmosphere around there, for a period of few thousand years has been bittingly cold, frozen.  Among those in Sanctuary, it is said that almost no one knows about the existence of this temple.  Another way to refer to this temple is I. C. U. (Intensive Care Unit.)[The Japanese words used here translates to:"Concentrated Treatement Room]. Seriously wounded from the 12 Temples fight, in a critial condition, Seiya and the others are now recieving care here in earnest.

    Amongst the dark green forrest, wearing a flowing, almost see-through, pure-white dress, Saori appears with hurried steps.
    "As expected, you end up coming here, Athena...", Mu standing right in the way of Saori.  At that time, the expression on Saori's was not at all becoming of Athena, but one who committed a crime, a fear rising for a moment that did not escape Mu's eyes.
    "Of course, Mu... I as Athena would worry about the condition of Seiya and the others who are the Saints of Athena... They are wounded because of me..."
    "For Saints, it is expected that they would get injured for Athena, even if they would die, it would be their wish. That is something you should know very well..."

    Saori realized that Mu has clearly seen through everything in her heart.  Mu knows that Saori now is not Athena, but just a young girl, Saori Kido.  But, no matter how guilty she feels, Saori now can not control herself.  (By any chance, if I lose Seiya...), with only that thought, the more she surpresses her self-restraint, the more her silk dress becomes lighter, "Please make way, Mu!"
  "Athena's love can not be devoted to just one Saint... Athena's love must be for all, equally." Saori's feet wanted to pass Mu, but they couldn't move, like they were tied,(Athena's love... just for one Saint... just one...)

    Facing 'Athena's Spring' directly, Saori can see Seiya with Hyoga, Shiryu, Shun and Ikki, lying there unconcious. Their flames of life once burned earnestly, now disappeared, and she also can hear their weak heartbeats and moans. No, not just them, but many images of the defeated Saints, letting their blood flow for Athena, all of that starts to well up in her mind. She can't help, but feel depressed.

    Mu tells the origins of the name, 'Athena's Spring' to her. In the time of the myths, the seriously wounded Saints who are in a critial condition would be brought here to this temple in the many Holy Wars.
    It is said about the Saints, their punches can tear the skies, their kicks can split the earth, the Bronze Saints have punches with the speed of sound, being able to launch out 100 punches per seccond; the Silver Saints can do twice or thrice that;  for the Gold Saints, they have punches of light speed, they can launch out beyond a billion punches per second.
    Not only that though, their fights are beyond imagination, and the damage that they take, can not be easily understood.  The breaking of the make up of physical materials, or in other words, the breaking of atoms, even if it is the modern medicine of today, does not have the expertise to save the Saints that end up in critical condition.
    Many wounded Saints are kept here in this temple, inside Sanctuary, their second home, to welcome their death, silently.  But, right at that time, one tear drop would fall from the high Athena Statue, like finding an oasis to quench your thirst in the dry desert, the whole temple would be covered by the a rising, warm, golden Cosmo, it is then that the Saints there, would all miraclously escape death.

    Even if Mu didn't tell the meaning, Saori would understand that pain very well.

    Even in the mist of the dense, overgrown cluster of trees, looking up by chance, you would see clearly the noble and tender expression of the Athena Statue.
    "You are not just a common girl anymore. Resurrected as Athena in this time of rampant evil, from here on in, you will surely stand against unimaginable battles."
    At that moment, Mu didn't even stare at Saori once, just silently, directing his graze at the empty sky.  Was that because of his acknowledgement and trust for Saori as Athena or, was it because he felt an unusual foreboding because of the far away Polestar, emitting an ominous Cosmo? It can't be known.  Before long, Mu bows to Saori respectfully, and disappears into the cluster of trees.

    In due time, Saori followed Mu's advise and left Sanctuary to return to Kido Mansion, accompanied by Jabu, Kiki and the others.

    (Athena's... love is for...), contrary to Saori's swaying heart, the Aegean Sea, which she can see on the plane, is glittering with a dazzling emerald green.

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