Mysterious Attack

    Few days has passed since Saori left Sanctuary.  Welcoming the warm season,  Sanctuary has continued to had refreshing fine weather like it is celebrating the Advent of Athena, but today for some reason, from morning on, once in a while, a bleak cold air has been felt.
    At 'Athena's Spring', Seiya and all has been recieving earnest care, but they have yet to regain conciousness and are still dewelling between the boundaries of life and death.
    (Have their Cloths reached death, too, like their bodies in the fierce battle of the 12 Temples...?), Leo Aiolia and the other Gold Saints increase their anxiety even more, when they hear the ill report from Mu that Seiya and all's Cloth are dead.

    That night...

    At 'Athena's Sping', the pawns guarding it, are yawning, tired of the discussion about the cold weather not with the season, but when a sudden shudder hits their bodies, their sleepy eyes are open wide.
    "Who's there!", yells the two pawns, but before long 4 or 5 shadowy men passes by them, turning them to dead bodies, and enters the temple without a sound.
    And, like hunting in their homeland, in the fields covered by snow all year round, the shadowy men start to detect any signs of life, though faint, they clearly can hear the breath of their prey,(That room!). Passing through the wide corridor, the assassins heads straight for Seiya and the other's sickroom, kicking through the door!
    Inside, Seiya and the others are lying in their beds.
    (Uhm...?), there are five beds, but one is empty!
    "That was a very rude knock for visiting the sick, wasn't it?"
    One of the assassins turn around and he gaspes as he sees a man standing in the darkness of the corridor like a phantom!
    "Wh, Who's there!"
    "Ha! Gutter-rats that have crept into Sanctuary, instead, are the ones that askes for my name... Ridiculous!"
    Though his vitality is lost and with hallow cheeks, Ikki still appears from the darkness covered with powerful bloodthirstiness!
    "Wh, what the!!", feeling such provocation from Ikki, the assassins breaks through the window by the side of the corridor and jumps out! Ikki chases after them!
    Usually, Ikki can defeat these kinds of opponents with one blow but, he just arose from the bed by his instinct when he detected the assassins approaching, in fact, he is still in the same condition as Seiya and the others, critically wounded.
    If the fight drags on, not just Ikki but, Seiya and the others who are defenseless right now, will surely be a perfect target,("I won't allow that to happen!) Ikki raises his Cosmo, not caring that his wounded body is screaming with pain and launches his most powerful attack,"Phoenix  Wing Glide!!!!!!" The assassins has seen for the first time such a powerful attack of flame, as their eyes open wide in horror, they perish!
    Ikki starts to tremble extremely, not actually brought on by the scars to his body, but because a bloodthirsty cold air that is all around emitted by a more powerful enermy than those assassins a while ago. Among a cluster of trees, a white shadow appears. He kicks the ground, and launches punches too fast for the eyes to focus at!
    (That is a movement at the Speed of Light, only Gold Saints should have! Light Punches!), like tearing through the dark night, that powerful freezing punch is making pale trails behind it! Facing this approaching attack, Ikki can only stand paralyzed, aghast, feeling a chill down his spine!
    (The condition I am now, I can't dodge this!), besides, Ikki is not wearing his Cloth on his flesh. Feeling for the first time, the terror of death, Ikki can clearly see the owner of that white shadow escape a smile, confident of victory! Maybe, when Death calls on you with his last smile, it is something like this...
    (Big Brother...), Ikki hears Shun's voice from far away. He closes his eyes, prepared to die, but at that very moment, the cold air is bounced away from his eyelids! Somehow, he can feel an encouraging, powerful Cosmo surround his body,"Shaka!!" With eyes open, Virgo Shaka has come to defend against the freezing punch, standing in front of Ikki! The white shadow disappears into the darkness...

    Judging from the armor of the fallen assassins having the crest of Odin, it's clear that they are the soliders of Asgard.
    "Why are the soldiers of Asgard here in Sanctuary...?", questions Shaka, naturally. If forces who are opposed to Sanctuary want to attack, this is surely the best time. Only a little while has passed since the internal struggle has been settled, caused by Saga's betrayal. All of Sanctuary has united as one behind Athena. Furthermore, to bury Seiya and the others who have shone a power beyond Gold Saints in the 12 Temples battle, now is probably the easiest time.
    "But...", askes Shaka, posing a question to himself,"I have heard that Hilda, who is the Earth Representative of the Asgard Deity, Odin, is respected by the peoples of the neighboring countries and she is full of love and kindness... So, why...?"
    Ikki walks over before Shaka can finish his words,"I don't know about Odin or Hilda, but I won't allow them to do as they please! I will go attack them in their own grounds!"
    "With that body of yours, it's impossible for you to match the legendary fighters of Asgard, God Warrior. Besides, your Phoenix Cloth like Seiya's and the other's, is still dwelling between the borders of life and death!"
    Even if it is smashed to pieces, even if it is just ashes, even if it is the Resurrecting, Immortal Bird, the Cloth of the Phoenix, you can't heal it with wounded wings still. This is is not strange to Shaka, considering Ikki's hard fight against him, and also, all that's happened,"Trust in Mu that he will heal your Cloth and the other's. And also, trust in Seiya and them, too..."
    Ikki can't help but agree with what Shaka just said. Furthermore, Shaka's Cloth that recieved that freezing punch a while ago, should've caught that attack with no trouble, but actually, the surface of the Cloth is frozen, like it was burned by some white snow, that Virgo Gold Cloth, that very Cloth that was undaunted to Ikki's most powerful attack.
    (Was that white shadow... Was that man, a God Warrior, one of the legendary fighters of Asgard...?), while Ikki is in deep comtemplation, he notices, in the sky of ill fortune, at Ursa Major, the Polestar and the 7 stars that seems to be situated to protect it, are glittering weirdly.

    It would be a few months later that Ikki would find out that the God Warrior who attacked him, was the Zeta Star, Alcor Bud.

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