Part IV

("Big Brother, let's take a sauna!"
 "Shun, I hate being steamed.")

    Suddenly, Dark Andromeda's Dark Chains fly up roaring.  Shun jumps up to the air desperately, barely escaping the capture of the Dark Chains. Dark Andromeda speaks, showing a smile, "Dark Dragon, Dark Swan, Dark Pegasus, as expected, Shun will be settled by me, Dark Andromeda."
    Dark Dragon and the others nod. Dark Andromeda locks his range to Shun, shouts arrogantly, "Shun, wear your Cloth, would your Bronze Chains win or my Dark Chains win? Let's see!"
    "That's what I want!", decisively on the defense, Shun wears the Andromeda Cloth on the body. Then, in a moment, the Chains jinglely responed, started laiding the defensive front. Both their Cosmo are burning, Andromeda Shun and Dark Andromeda confronting each other.

[This is an outside story so it's unlcear where this story fits in the timeline. Shun is wearing New Cloth, but supposably this is after the fight with Docrates...]
    Flowing along strong winds, dark clouds move toward the waxing, crescent moon, hiding it, but moonlight are escaping through the clouds. The two Chains bathing in the moonlight gives out twinkling luster.
    Shun's Chains already has lay out Andromeda Nebula.
    "Take this!", Dark Andromeda's chains fly up roaring. Swiftly, Shun's chains fly up to match them.
    The two good and evil Chains are like snakes bowing their heads, and meets to strike each other. The two Chains fly at each other scattering sparks, even matched, completely.
    "Hmm... Andromeda Shun's proud chains, truly! But, how about this!", Fully composed, Dark Andromeda stand in readiness. In the next moment, "Dark Nebula Chain!"
    As the Demon Chains scattered, one by one the chains transformed into snakes and attack Shun, "Uwahhhh!"
 Even the Andromeda Nebula is taken by surprise. No matter how many snakes are mercilessly knocked down, they still bored into his defense. One after another, they entwine on Shun's body, showing their fangs, "Ukuhhh."
    Said in any which way, the unbalanced fight has made Shun's handsome face distorted with pain, "Uhhh..."
    Shun's whole body is covered by snakes, entwining to restrain him, "Uhhh"
    "Ha... Absurd! The Little Brother of Ikki who betrayed Pope Ares can only do this!"
    "Big Brother is a coward, as expected, Little Brother is a coward, too."
    "Uhh... I, I don't care if you slander me, but to slander my Big Brother is inexcuseable!"
    With that anger, the Cosmo inside Shun is ignited, "Uh... I'm proud of my Big Brother!"
    Cosmo steadily rising.
    "What!", Dark Andromeda is shocked.
    With Cosmo emitted from Shun's whole body, in one stroke he repels the snakes flying. The snake bodies fall in pieces, and in an instant, return to the originial form of chains.
    "Damn you!"
    Dark Andromeda over-estimation of his own ability has brought about his own ruin. Droplets of sweat flowing from Dark Andromeda's forehead did not escaped Shun's eyes, "Dark Andromeda! Watch the true power of my Chains and your own defeat! My serious anger was bought on by your crime!"
    "Wh, What! you still don't know the horror of the Dark Chains?!", the Dark Chains are let loose. At once, Shun too matches, "Nebula Chain!" Andromeda proud Chains are let loose, too.
    The Chains one by one are like imbued with life. The Nebula Chains roar flying toward Dark Andromeda to attack him, "Ugahh!"
    With the Nebula Chains hitting his whole body, the only thing left for Dark Andromeda is to scream and disappear into the broad sky.
    One is defeated but, Shun has no time to rest. At once, Dark Pegasus, Dark Dragon, Dark Swan approach and set their sights on Shun.
    (Big Brother, I'll fight like a man till the end!), but the odds are bad.
    The Nebula Chains are flying in all directions, but with Dark Pegasus' 'Dark Shooting Stars Punch', Dark Swan's 'Dark Blizzard', and Dark Dragon's 'Dark Rising Dragon Supreme' each launched one after another, it makes Shun look like a fool by this lynching. He is driven to his wits' end.
    Like he has triumphed,  Dark Phoenix announces, "Shun! You have lost! Obediently, fall into hell."
    "I, I won't lose! I am Phoenix Ikki's only little brother!", with his wounded body being lashed, Shun tried to hold himself up, but he can't fight the enermies no more.
    "Uguh... Ugahh...Ghahh...", Shun is like a sandbag being violently attacked by Dark Pegasus and the others. His eyes have become vacant. He falls down with his hands grasping the air in front of him.
    "Dark Pegasus! Give him the finishing blow!", roars Dark Phoenix, giving the order. Dark Pegasus took the stance of Dark Shooting Stars Punch.
    But, at that time, piercing through the air, a feather dart comes flying, and skimming over Dark Pegasus's face
    "Wh, who!", shouts Dark Pegasus. The moon is being covered by Dark clouds and so it gets even darker. From the darkness, Phoenix Ikki's voice shouts out, "Dark Cloths are ridiculous. How dare you come and extort my Little Brother! I, Phoenix Ikki, will pay you back twice more!"
    Ikki wearing Phoenix Cloth, dashingly breaks through the darkness and appears.

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