Part V

    "Big, Big Brother, you really came back."
    "Shun, it's already okay."
    Dark Phoenix on top of the roof shouts, "Traitor Ikki! I have waited for your appearance! By the order of His Holiness, Pope Ares, you are to be purged. Obediently, start your tour of the nether world by our hands."
    Ikki looked up at Dark Phoenix, "I remeber who you are. Aren't you Ritahoa?"
    Dark Phoenix's face quickly turned pale. Ikki continues to make sure of Dark Pegasus and their faces. Astonished to see each of them, one after another, he calls out each of their names, "You are Kenuma. You are Jido. You are Shinadekuro, no?"
    With their names called out, Dark Pegasus and the others for some reason are ashamed and hid their faces.
    "Ha... When I was organizing Dark Cloths, Ritahoa, all of you were the discarded of Death Queen Island. Ridiculous, those were Dark Phoenixes. If you value your lives, disappear away from me!"
    But, Dark Phoenix does not yield, "Ikki, if you still remeber us as we used to, you are gravely mistaken! We all recieved training in Greece's Sanctuary, especially to defeat the Bronze Saints. Furthermore, we received from His Holiness, a direct order to dispose the traitor, Ikki."
    "So what?"
    "If all of you are defeated, Death Queen Island may again be permitted to train Saints. This is the first and the last chance given to us. We certainly will grasp it. Do it!"
    Dark Pegasus and all are given the order, but once a person's weakness is shown, the person can no longer be useful in the world of Saints. Dark Pegasus who is called Kenuma, Dark Swan who is called Jido, and Dark Dragon who is called Shinadekuro, all can not match Ikki.
    "Phoenix Wing Glide!!!!!!", Ikki's one lavish stroke, the sad three are repelled flying, dead. The one remaining is Dark Phoenix, Ritohoa, alone.
    The two Phoenix confronted each other.
    "Ritahoa! Dark Cloths, in spite of anything, exists in shadow.  In short, light and darkness, if I am light, you are darkness... regretfully, darkness can never replace light even if the world is upside down."
    "Ikki, we didn't see each other for a while and you seem to become a good talker. Whoever is darkness or light, soon we will know. Keiiiiii...", with that sharp cry, Dark Phoenix charged at Ikki sending out punches, punches that make Pegasus Shooting Stars Punch inferior, Light Speed punches!
    Ikki is dodging desperately, "This guy, when did he improve his skills to this? If I don't take him seriously, I would really lose.)
    "Die...! Ikki!", Dark Phoenix's moves connect with one hit.
    "Uohhhh!", Ikki is blown off and crashed into trees that are said to be a few hundred years old and with that shock, the trees are beaten down.
    Something twinkling falls from Ikki's neck to the ground but no one takes notice of it. Though Ikki has reieved great damage, he rises up again.
    Dark Phoenix completely flushed by being able to give the first blow, feels he can win, "Well? Ikki. I am not the old Ritahoa. I am now the Dark Phoenix that His Holiness recognizes."
    "I see that you really have improved but, to become my opponent, it is 100 years too early!"
    "What... According to you only! Take this!", Dark Phoenix again let out Light Speed punches.
    "Can the same skill work a second time?", after seeing all the Dark Phoenix's light speed punches, Ikki skillfully dodges and lets out counter attacks.
    "Uwahhh...", The roots of the beaten down trees that the Ikki crashed into are blown off, but, Dark Phoenix quickly rises up and stood in readiness there.
    Right at that moment, Ikki sees the twinkling object at Dark Phoenix's feet.
     "Ah", as Dark Phoenix rises up, he has the guts to step on the twinkling object.
    Ikki's expression changes, "Your, your dirty feet...! Let you see an illusion, Phoenix Illusion Punch!"
    The attack of illusion is directed at Dark Phoenix's forehead and thrust into his brain!
 "Uwahh...!", Dark Phoenix is drowning in the sea of illusions. He was the ruler of Death Queen Island. With Ikki's opposition, he sees his own subordinates all get nearly killed, his own appearance amplified, and his own spirit is destroyed. The fight suddenly is over.
    Ikki reaches out for the twinkling object.
    "Big Brother", Shun ran up to Ikki, and Ikki presents the object that he picked up. The object is a small cross.
    "I forgot to give this to you"
    "Our Mother's one and only memento."
    "Eh! Our Mother's!"
    "Until our Mother's death, she was wearing it. Just before she gave out her last breath, she gave it to me and her last words were that we should help each other to live fully."
    Shun recieved the cross on the palm of his hand. He thinks about the Mother that he doesn't even know the face of, earnestly with love, he rubs the cross.
    The cross is spilling with Shun's falling tears.
    "Big Brother, from now on, we should be together!"
    "Shun, that cross is Mother and me. No matter how long, we are always together. I will always fight with you."
    "I will come and help you every time."
    "But, Big Brother..."
    "Shun, do you have anything else to say to me?"
    "I hate being in groups.", with that said, Ikki turns around and disappears into the darkness of the night.


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