Part III

("Big Brother, the wild gesse are flying south."
 "Shun, I hate being in groups.")

    Wet all over, Shun returned to the entrance of Kido Mansion, but unluckily, Tatsumi was there to welcome guests for Saori.
    Inside the broad entrance, Tatsumi presented himself full of sarcastic remarks which was very offensive to the ear, dirty and vulgar, "Shun, what's this? This is rude of a guest! Go to the kitchen entrance! The kitchen entrance!"
    Shun quickly bowed and as he went in the direction of the kitchen entrance, he heard Saori's kind voice, "You don't need to do that, Shun. Go up from here and quickly take a shower, please."
    "Miss Saori..."
    "Miss Saori, no! To show this guy such generosity, he will make it a habit and take advantage.", Tatsumi barking like a dog.
    Saori continues to ignore all of it, "Even a Saint can not catch a cold, you can't be too careful."
    "Thank You, Miss Saori."
    "Tatsumi, escort our guest. Bring Shun to the bathroom, please."
    "Yes. You don't take my orders anymore?"
    "No, none of the sort. Shun, come."
    "Tatsumi, Shun is sweating all over. Getting up there is tough. Carry him up, please."
    "Ehh! Carry him?"
    Tatsumi is clearly blazed up with dramatic Cosmo of refusal. He's really burning. Now, steam is rising from the top of his shaven head.
    "Tatsumi...", Saori impatiently urged him. Unwillingly, he consented, and bend down, "Shun, quick, I'll carry you."
    "Feel bad, huh?", using words with no indiction of thanks, Shun got on Tatsumi's broad back with no reserve.
    Tatsumi didn't mend his ways and gave a speech, "Shun, people forget the thing called humility! Words like giving thanks is already provided by God. Remeber that!"
    Even though he was grumbling, he carried Shun down the long corridor. Saori seeing off the two, started to comptemplate the matter of Ikki. (I wonder how it is with Ikki?... Sur, Surely he's not...), Saori's heart is full of anxiety.
    While in the shower, Shun again thinks about Ikki, (Big Brother, pulled apart by a fate like a storm, but we are the same beating life. The more withstanding the attack of pain, the more the bonds becomes stronger like the Nebula Chain. Right, Big Brother?)
    Said in any which way, Shun is considered the most femini among the Bronze Saints, but, his well built body is like a Greek sculpture. Though he has not seen his Mother's face, he inherited from her delicate skin which in the hot water of the shower returns back to its excellent condition. (No matter what happens, I will believe in Big Brother!)

    Like an answer to his thoughts, there's a flash of lightning and the evening light is like a spotlight shining at Shun's sculptural body with the reflection distinctly on the bathroom.
    Coming out from the shower, Shun is covered in hot water. Shun's heart was chilled to the bone before, but now its warmth has revived,(Big Brother, I have shared your pain! I should be able to take away those unpleasant memories.)
    Wearing a bathrobe, Shun comes out of the bathroom and he can hear the voice of Saori who seems to have waited impatiently, "Shun, you were just with Ikki?"
    In an instant, Shun's eyes was at a loss but, he calmly started to explain, "As expected, Big Brother has let it past that we once exchange blows and let by gones be by gones. Therefore, whenever he will come to us, he will fight and help us with the resistence...."
    "From the time he was a naughty kid, that guy was perverse! He is really hard to deal with.", says Tatsumi, his disgusting words.
    "Tatsumi!", reproves Saori.
    "Yes... Bu, But, Miss!"
    "Ikk has come and became a reliable ally. To remove the overgrown evil rooted in Sanctuary, the Phoenix Saint is needed."
    With these distinct words, Saori eyes' are shining with full trust.[confidence]
    The smiling face of Shun returns, "Miss Saori, Shiryu and Hyoga are gone?"
    "Yes. Shiryu is at Five Old Peaks, and Hyoga went back to Siberia."
    "Oh, really... Seiya went to Star Child Orphanage, right?"
    "Yes. It seems tonight we got the message that he is staying there."
    Shun's expression became misted, "Everybody has a place to go back to. I'm so envious..."
    "Shun, you too have a place to back to!"
    "This house is the place you can come back. Don't be hesitant or hold back. If you like, think of this house as your home. Do whatever you like!"
    "Mi, Miss Soari...."
    The brilliancy in Shun's eyes has returned. Those eyes clearly reflects the figure of Saori.
    "Man! Lucky guy!", Tatsumi grambled spitefully. [Though this is an outside story. Watching Hades Sanctuary, I wonder did they read this story before writing the scripts...]

    That night in his bed, Shun couldn't sleep. (I wonder where is Big Brother now. I wonder does he have a tidy bed to sleep in? If he didn't go to Death Queen Island in place of me, his fate would be very different. ....All because of me.... Big Brother, I'm sorry.)
    In Shun's mind, Ikki's face floats away. Shun couldn't wait to jump out of bed. When he opens the window, the sky is full of stars.
    "Wahhh... Even in Tokyo you can see these stars? No matter where Big Brother is, he can see these stars for sure. It's like we are seeing it together, always. The stars of Andromeda! Draw our hearts toward you..."
    Shun's expression changed suddenly, "This piercing Cosmo...."
    In the starlight, Shun got out from the window, and quickly looked around the wide mansion. He is in full concentration.
    "Now that Seiya and the others are not here, I must protect Miss Saori as the Andromeda Saint........Over there!"
    His eyes are dead above the roof of the Planetarium that was loved by the late Mitsumasa.
    In the next moment, Shun jumps above the window, and runs toward the Planetarium. Shun takes a breath. He starts to get suspicious. Shun recognizes the shadows above the Planetarium. Shun's forehead starts to sweat.
    "Th, That is... Phoenix Cloth! Im, impossible...!"
    Shun's heart is like a leave being tossed about by the turbulent sea,(How come? Cosmo full of evil... No, Cosmo like a mass of hatred. Wha, what's happened to Big Brother...?)
    Shun can't believe it. Just today, Ikki said that he would always risk his life to protect Athena. Now that he would burn with such a high, powerful evil Cosmo...
    "Big Brother, please stop joking."
    But, the shadow on the roof is silent and not talking.
    "What is it?"
    "...", only the piercing Cosmo, it is still challenging Shun's whole body. Immediately, Shun's breathing is disturbed but he pays close attention.
    The Phoenix on the roof opens his right hand. At once, 4 shadows gathered from somewhere, lined up like rivets in the form of a fan, "Im, Impossible... That's Andromeda Cloth. Pegasus, Dragon, Cygnus Cloth, too. Oh! Really!! They are Dark Saints!"[Ankoku Translates to 'Darkness' In the manga, Masami used the kanji Ankoku along with the Katakana Burakku which is 'Black']
    At last, Dark Phoenix opens his mounth, "Aha ha ha... Shun, it seems you finally noticed. Instead of your Big Brother, Phoenix Ikki, the New Dark Cloth is orgianized by me, Dark Phoenix!"
    "Dark Phoenix...", Shun's hand is soaked with sweat.
     "That's right! Ikki who should've died in Death Queen Island! This time, we have come all this way to send him to the nether world. Where's Ikki!?"
    "Too bad, Big Brother is not here."
    "Just today, we separated in the thunderstorm."
    "Uhmm... Okay then. We will make you the blood offering then!"
    Dark Phoenix again opens his right hand to signal. The 4 shadows at once sprang in the air, immediately Shun is surrounded, "..."
    Shun is not wearing his Andromeda Cloth. As long as the Cloth is worn, Andromeda's proud chains, famous for its impregnable defensive net, can quickly cope with anything. Even an ant can't enter the strong laid front. But... a criticial situation is approaching Shun.

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