Single and Album Listing

[Disclaimer: Info supplied by The Gold Collection, Saint Seiya Discography, 1986-1997
                     Translated and Labelled by Aries Mu(Philip Ho) ]


     [Gold]          - Also in Gold Collection
     [MB]           - Also in Memorial CD Box
     [Gold, MB] - Also in Gold Collection AND Memorial CD Box


                                                                     "Hits I"
                                            30CC-1349(Re-issued COCC-14056)
                                            1.Pegasus Fantasy[MB]
                                            2.Can't Say GoodBye[Gold,MB]
                                            3.Friends in the Sky[Gold]
                                            4.Love Fighter[Gold]
                                            5.Final Soldier
                                            7.I am Fight
                                            8.Beautiful Child[Gold,MB]
                                            9.Stardust Way[Gold]
                                            10.Blue Forever[MB]
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                                               "Hits II ~ Under Any Kind of Star "
                                                    2.Diamond Dust
                                                    3.Golden Heart
                                                    5.Stop the Fate[Gold]
                                                    6.Nebula Chain
                                                    7.You're Pheonix
                                                    8.Dragon Blood[Gold,MB]
                                                    9.We're Fearless Warriors[Gold,MB]
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                                                            "Hits III ~ Boys Be"
                                                30CC-2534(Re-issued COCC-14057)
                                                1.Soldier Dream[Gold,MB]
                                                2.We are Saint[Gold,MB]
                                                3.Round and Round
                                                5.Best Friend[Gold]
                                                6.Lonely My Way
                                                7.Wake You Alone
                                                8.Stay, Away[Gold]
                                                9.Boys Be[Gold,MB]
                                                10.Blue Dream[Gold,MB]

                                              "CD Video a.k.a. Saint Seiya CDV"
                                              1.Pegasus Fantasy[MB]
                                              2.Friends in the Sky[Gold]
                                              3.We're Fearless Warriors[Gold,MB]
                                              4.Blue Forever[MB]
                                              (Video Portion)
                                              Song used: Lullaby
                                              Images: Show scenes of Saori about to kiss Seiya and
                                                            scenes from Movie I
                                              (CDV clip can now be found in Saint Seiya Sanctuary
                                               VCD #24 Tape End Special)

                                              "Galayian Wars - Dream Battle Chapter"
                                              1.Pegasus Fantasy(TV Size)[Gold]
                                              2.*Galayian Wars - Dream Battle*
                                                 Part  I Pegasus Seiya Vs. Andromeda Shun.
                                              3.Part II Dragon Shiryu Vs. Cygnus Hyoga
                                              4.*Rival of Destiny - Cassios* Part I Aiolia,
                                                  Horriable Lighting Plasma
                                              5.Part II Cassios, Dying for Love
                                              6.Blue Forever(TV Size)[Gold]
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