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My Final Thoughts 
  I had part one of the side story in one of my A-Club issue. But I did not have the second half. I finally went a place where they sell used mangas and magzines and with good luck I found the second issue and brought it.    
  I was very suprised by the second half. The Pope mentioning Eris though it does fit with the anime and movies. Saga knowing Galaxyian Explosion at 14, though again it makes sense. Shura is 9 when he gets Exculibar.  
  I did this page to show that the story of Saint Seiya is not finished. With the stopped story of Zeus Chapter and The discontinued Hades anime and all the unknown back grounds of the Gold Saints, who knows what would have been revealed if Kurumada sensei was allowed to continue. This page is my way to say that Saint Seiya must continue. There are so many stories to tell.... 

Saint Seiya Forever!!! 

Philip Ho aka Aries Mu 

Page created October 3, 1997