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Exculibar Secret Tale
 Saga! Melody of Desire Part I
  Saint Seiya Side Story
Chapter I  Meeting Again
     This happened in the year when Athena was born. The 
summer in Greece has little rain fall. If in a month it rained for 
three days, it rained a lot.  Far away in the mountains of Athens, is where Sanctuary is built, it is very dry there also, the wind would 
swipe up the mud, therefore making lots of dust.
 In the city, there comes lots of tourists, very crowed.  From the 
times of the myths, it has been this way, the city has attracted many 
people seeking to see this mysterious place.
In every few years,  a reporter would try to seek out this
mystic place called Sanctuary, however they return home with no rewards. The truth is, the Pope who prevents people from invading
in Sanctuary, has created few levels of force fields around Sanctuary.  Some tourists who happened to wander near the force field, they can't continue on. If they do, they get bounced off. When they forget about the incident, they would be brought back away. Of course, this is all possible because of the Pope's powerful cosmos,who can put these force fields, who blocks all of Sanctuary.
 This mysterious place generates a rainbow which normal 
people would call 'God's Rainbow.' From the times of the myths, 
even though people felt Sanctuary is a numinous place, they still had good feelings about it.
A youth like the wind, has entered Sanctuary very easily. 
In the shining sun, the wind is blowing the youth's hair like the 
hair has life of its own.  His eyes does not seem to reflect his real 
age. From looking at his clothing, he can't be anything else if 
not a Saint. "My old home, Sanctuary......didn't change at all."
 A youth who is Capricorn Golden Saint
A youth who is Capricorn Golden Saint
 The youth sees in the center of Sanctuary is the Fire 
Clock.  The Fire Clock is facing the 12 temples where Gold 
Saints is suposed to protect each one. It is known as The 12 
Temples, it also has a correlation with each of the Golden Saints' constellations.  "The 10th temple is Capricorn", the youth says reminiscing. The youth then changes his gaze to see the Pope's 
temple and Athena's Statue. (Athena has been born already by now....?)
Thinking about this important issue, then he turns his gaze 
forward. When he was still a trainee, this is where he gave his 
sweat and blood, this is the Training Site and beside it, the 
Fighting Site. {The place where Seiya and Cassios fought} The 
youth walks to the Fighting Site. 2 years ago, this is where  he 
got the qualification of a Saint and the proof of the cloth by 
fighting the last trainee. He remebers all this perfectly. 
 This youth was the winner. When he is reminded of how he 
won, he feels very excited.(That time was very lucky..... but if it 
is now, I will win based on my strength) His confidence is not false. 
In these 2 years, this youth has been training hard in the mountains 
of Spain. He has begun to believe in himself.
The youth takes a deep breath and holds it.  He concentrates and 
closes his eyes. He lets out the breath.  From all his body comes his 
cosmos, cosmos coming out fast like ice caps melting to water, horses 
just coming out of the fence in a race. All of cosmos has come out in 
one swoop.
 The youth's eyes slowly opens.  He decides that his target 
would be the top of the mountain behind Athena's Statue. It must 
be at least 3000 meters away.... "Oah.....!" In an instant, he directs 
his right arm to that mountain top. The power of the blow cuts thru 
the air. It creates a noise, flying at light speed. The power does not slow down.  It finally hits the Pope's house on Star Mountain. You 
can see smoke coming up.
The youth upon seeing this, he gets a bad feeling. 
Suddenly, behind him is a powerful cosmos. (Uhmm, that 
cosmos is .....) He turns with a grin on his face.  It is Sagittarius 
Saint Aiolos, smiling with affection and love.
"Shura! When did you come back?"  
The youth who is called Shura does not answer and hugs Aiolos.  Aiolos hugs back and tenderly saids,  "Shura, you raise your level of cosmos, no?"  
"Can't compare to Aiolos's"   
"No, it might be the same as mine"  
"Oh....same as Aiolos's....." Shura finally shows his age, grinning.  
"In The 12 Temples, the 10th Temple, protecting Capricorn Temple,  Capricorn Golden Saint Shura has finally returned home. Congratulations Shura!" Aiolos extends his hand.  
"Thank You, Aiolos", Shura holding Aiolos's hands with thankfulness. Aiolos feels Shura's hand to be different. Thru Shura's hard training,  his hand is like steel. (What..... this hand! Can't fathom it would  be trained to this level.... Outstanding, Shura....)  
"Aiolos, what?" this wakes Aiolos from his reverie.  
"Shura, Capricorn Temple is perfect now!!" 
"Aiolos!!"  Aiolos looks at Shura like his own brother and nods. "Having heard Aiolos say that makes me very happy. I always look  at Aiolos as my goal. No matter what the pain, I took it....."  
"Shura, I now totally forget that you are 4 years younger than  me. Come, let's go and visit The Pope. Tonight we will have a long  conversation."  
Shura smiles. Now Shura is really happy because he has gotten the  recognition of Sagittarius Golden Saint Aiolos. 
End of Chapter I  Meeting Again
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