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Exculibar Secret Tale
 Saga! Melody of Desire Part II
  Saint Seiya Side Story
Chapter I  Exculibar is born
  At that time, Shura felt a very powerful and challenging cosmos.  
That cosmos was the same one he felt in The Pope's Temple at dusk. 
(That same cosmos!!) 

 Aiolos felt it too. ( This, This cosmos is!? Maybe!?), Aiolos remebers. He points at the assassin with his right hand and says, "If you want to live, you better let go of The Pope!"  

"ha ha...", laughter coming from behind the mask. Aiolos expands his cosmos and from his trigger finger he lets out the cosmos and attacks the assassin. The assassin however, is not scared and easily avoids the cosmos.  After that, he targets The Pope with his right hand.  

Shura can't even breath. The fallen Ares stands up and yells,"Aiolos, 
its up to you!!"  
Aiolos then answers,"You've seen Saga?"  
"What!?" In a second, the hand that is targeting the Pope comes down, and they see the assassin's hair shake. 

The Pope orders Shura,"Shura, launch a cutting-hand!" In an instant, Shura changes his hand like a knife, aims at the assassin's right hand and lets go a stream of light. 

"Whoaaaa?" Shura does not have all the control his cutting-hand, he only just moved his hand as ordered.  As the power was flowing, he lets go of his cutting-hand. Even so, the power was huge. 

 The assassin's wrist got hurt by Shura's cutting-hand,"Ah!!" From the 
wound, little droplets of blood flows down.  
"Wha, What? That was!", Shura see the assassin's injury, and is afraid and can't stop himself from yelling. Aiolos quickly lets out 2 light speed punches that are like arrows at the assassin.  

 The assassin who has a weakness showing, could not avoid the attack.The right shoulder part of the Scales got hit by Aiolos's punches. Even though, he can't destroy the Scales created by Oribarkon, the shoulder portion is in pieces. 

"Ah!!", the assassin does not have time to go into attack stance when Shura already catches up and the assassin jumps. Aiolos while protecting The Pope goes on with the fight. The assassin does a spining attack on Shura, but as he is spining he loses balance and Shura already lands easily. Ares tries his best to stand up also, the three confront the assassin. 

 Aiolos is infront of The Pope protecting him, while his cosmos is  
getting excited. The assassin has to give up. He is facing 2 Golden Saints and 1 Silver Saint and also one who was a Golden Saint. He can't fight against these four; it is too stupid. 

The assassin turns and jumps out the window. As the sound of glass breaking, the assassin disappears into darkness. Shura is about to give chase. 
"Shura, forget it!" 
"It is dark outside....If you chase, you might get attacked and he would win" 
"Ares is right", hearing The Pope's words, and also seeing Aiolos's eyes who is like telling Shura to obey,"I understand. Then, who is that assassin?" 
"I presume it is one of Poseidon's servants, but........", Aiolos touches 
his head while saying this. 

Ares don't give an answer. 
"Aiolos, Shura, thanks to you both", The Pope nods to them, giving thanks. 
"Pope! It was nothing" 
"Right, it was nothing" 


End of Chapter I  Exculibar is born 
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