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Exculibar Secret Tale
 Saga! Melody of Desire Part II
  Saint Seiya Side Story
Chapter III  The Coming 
  One year later, in the place of Athena's Statue, Athena arrived.  
Coming to wish the Goddess well, Shura came back to Sanctuary after one year. After the Pope died, and have not chosen the next new pope, in the place of The Pope, Ares is in power. It is really Saga.  

 Ares says to Shura softly,"Aiolos plans to kill Athena. Shura, I want you to stop him." 
"Wha, What? It's impossible! Aiolos is not that kind of person." 
"Then whatever happens to Athena does not matter?" 
"Of course not. We are Saints who are sworn to protect Athena and rid the earth of evil." 
"Right, don't think about it! Shura" 
Shura is conflicted. He can't believe it. Aiolos would do something that stupid. 

"Sagittarius Golden Saint can be replaced, Athena can not! Shura!" 
"Then, why don't we ask Aiolos?" 
"You would ask him,'You want to kill Athena?', you think anyone would answer, 'Yes'?" 
"........",Shura's heart is like a mirror who has just been broken by Ares's words. 

 That night, the baby girl Athena, Saori is alseep near Athena's  
Statue. A shadow slowly approaches Athena. The young baby Athena does not know she is in danger. That shadow is holding a small sword and wearing a robe. From the little light that is there, we see Ares(who is actually Saga). 

 Ares goes near the basket, holds up the small sword. Athena does not know anything and still sleeping. In that light, the small sword shines. 
"Die! Athena!" 
The sword is heading down for Athena. It just about when Athena was stabbed when Ares's hand was stopped by someone. 
"Ah! You, Aiolos!" 
"Ares, your highness, what are you doing? You are awake?" 
"Damn, let me go!" 
Ares steps away from Aiolos and tries to stab Athena again! But this time, Aiolos already took Athena in his arms. Athena does not cry. 

"Ares, your highness, this child is the incarnation of Athena given by God only a few hundred years at a time! Why?!" 
"Don't interfere, Aiolos!" 
"Please, Stop!" 
Aiolos punches Ares. The punch hits Ares's hand and the sword is on the gound and also Ares's mask. 

"How could this be?", Aiolos see Ares's face and Aiolos is shocked. 
"Saga, how.......?" 
"Wooo woooo..... you saw it, Aiolos...... the people who sees my real face will never live. Die with Athena.......!!", Saga launches his right punch. His punches is at the same level as a Golden Saint, directed at Aiolos. Aiolos holding the infant Athena barely avoids the punch. Saga's punch hits the wall. Aiolos jumps away through the hole in the wall. 
"Come! Aiolos is a betrayer!" 
Aiolos is running for his life. 

 Saga once again pretends to be Ares. He gathers all the Saints and the pawns. In front of them, Saga tells them Aiolos tried to kill Athena, 
and orders them to quickly hunt Aiolos down and kill him. 

 Shura after hearing this believes everything Ares says as the truth. 
He also quickly begins the hunt,"Aiolos, why did you do this?" Shura is chasing Aiolos. In Shura's mind, the idea of Aiolos as a brother fades away. 

 Aiolos is holding Athena. He is also carrying the box of Sagittarius 
Golden Cloth, running out of Sanctuary. Aiolos stops. Shura comes up on Aiolos.  

Shura believes Ares wrongly and kills Aiolos
Shura believes Ares wrongly and kills Aiolos
"Aiolos, you think you have safely run away?" 
"Wait! Shura, listen to me!" 
"We have come upon this time and you want to explain?  It is not you. I will have to kill you. Using Athena's gift Sacred Sword Exculibar!!" 
The youth who loved Aiolos like a brother is no more. Exculibar is filled with Shura's tears and the ground is left with a few scratches........ 
End of Chapter III  The Coming
Exculibar Secret Tale
 Saga! Melody of Desire Part II
  Saint Seiya Side Story
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