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Exculibar Secret Tale
 Saga! Melody of Desire Part I
  Saint Seiya Side Story
Chapter III Assassin
 It is late at night in Sanctuary.  The sky is filled with shining,  
glittering stars, beautiful as an angel.  Holding a glass cup reflecting the star's light, sitting on a chair in the porch, Shura asks Aiolos,"Aiolos,  
the Saint Saga, what kind of man is he?" 

"Saga? ... Well, he is a person who does not talk about himself much.... Nobody....maybe even The Pope does not know what Saga truly is  
like. That is why it is very hard to see Saga's thinking. But I do see,  
Saga is hiding some kind of shadow..."  

"Hmm......" In Shura's mind, he sees the mysterious eyes of Saga. As he is thinking about this, again, he feels from somewhere a challenging cosmos. 

"Hmm!" Aiolos felt it too. 
"It is that, Aiolos! The cosmos I just felt is that!" 
"Shura, Go!" Aiolos's face changed, and jumped up. 
"Ah?" Shura does not know what is going on. 
Aiolos runs as fast as he can. "Shura, The Pope is in danger!!" 

 Aiolos runs at the direction of The Pope's Temple. (Damn, still not  
as fast as Aiolos.......) Using super-human speed of Golden Saints, both of them in an instant, pasts the flights of stairs. Not even taking one breath, they arrive at The Pope's Temple and they see Ares using his own body as a shield to protect The Pope, taking blows from the assassin. 

 Ares is still a Silver Saint. He is not weak but Ares's whole body is  
hurt, what is surpising is the assassin has no wounds. Could it be that the assassin is more powerful than a Silver Saint? The assassin is wearing a mask, hiding his idenity. 

"Oh, Aiolos!" 
Shura shouts at the assassin,"Who are you!? You stupid idiot would dare come to The Pope's temple and attack him, speak your name!" 
".........", the assassin does not say a word. 
At that time, Ares say something,"You, you .... are...?!" 
Shura asks Aiolos,"Seen his armor before?" 
"No, this is my first time I have seen something like that" 
The armor of the assassin is totally different than the Saint's Cloths. 
(It looks like fish scales......), Shura thinks 

The assassin still does not answer but The Pope replies for him. "That is Poseidon's Marina's Scales" 
"Marina! Scales?!" Shura first time has heard about Marinas. 
"That Scales was created by the legendary Oribarkon" 
"That means, you are sent here by Poseidon?!" 

The assassin still does not give an answer to Shura. Suddenly, the assassin launches his punch at light speed, targeting Ares. Even so, Ares does not move. "Ah!!!" Ares holds his stomach. He is about to fall. The assassin jumps to The Pope's position.  

"Oh no..." As Aiolos was shouting, the assassin already is in striking  
distance to The Pope. Even though The Pope is old and diseased, he is still a Golden Saint; he won't lose easily. The Pope easily evades an attack. 

"Pope!" Aiolos shouting as he and Shura runs and stands between the Pope and the assassin. No matter how confident this assassin is, he can't be careless facing 2 Golden Saints. The assassin sunddenly jumps and lands behind The Pope. 

"Ah, No....!" 
Even The Pope feels allowing him to jump behind is a mistake. Aiolos and Shura, can't launch their attacks without hitting The Pope. They can't see a spot where they can attack, but they still both put on an attack stance.They have to wait to see if the assassin would slip up and then attack. The two are very nervous and sweating. The assassin has all the advantage. The assassin is like playing cat and mouse with them. 


End of Chapter III Assassin
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