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 [Disclaimer: The following is a fanfic that I wrote. It does not respresent any offical 
       info. what so ever. This story picks up where the  side story  left off. This story will continue... ] 

Aiolia! Golden Lion Awakens!! 

Part I  

         The sounds of bells. Coming from all over. People running. Such noise. "Hunt him down!" "For Athena!" Aiolia who was sleep in his bed gets up. He walks to the door and opens it. He sees tons of people moving. He looks around. Some of them carrying torches. "He should die!" "How dare he!" Aiolia stops someone and asks,"What is going on?" The man says,"Aiolos has betrayed the Pope and Athena! He has tried to kill Athena! The Pope has given the order to hunt him down!" Aiolia can't believe what the man just said,"Are you sure?" "Of course,I am sure!!" The man leaves and is just about to run along with the others when he stops and turns and stares at Aiolia. The man has just realized that the boy is Aiolos's brother. This man's face of rage slowly turns to a face of pity. The man leaves with his torch. Aiolia is awestruck. "How can this be? I don't believe it. It is just a bad dream." Aiolia shouts,"IT CAN'T BE TRUE! IT CANT" Aiolia goes to the bed and lays there staring thru his window at the stars.  

 The sound of a knock on the door. It seems Aiolia fell alseep. He gets up from his bed and walks to the door. "The door was left open. I let myself in." Aiolia sees Shura wearing his Golden Capricorn Cloth. Aiolia just realized it is dawn. The light relfecting from the cloth blinds Aiolia a bit. There is traces of blood on Shura's right arm. "Do you know?", Shura asks. "I know that people said that my brother has tried to kill Athena. You don't believe it, do you Shura?" Aiolia asks this question but in his heart he knows the answer.  

"Aiolia, your brother is dead. It was I who have killed him.", Shura says softly. Shura takes off his helmet and holds it with his left hand. "My brother is dead?", says Aiolia, " you expect me to believe my brother would kill Athena? MY BROTHER!"  

"Aiolia, the Pope saw it himself!"  

"No, I will not believe this. This is not real! You are lying! My brother is the most loyal person of Santuary. HOW DARE YOU! My brother treated you just like his own brother. He even spend more time with you than with me and this is how you repay him for his kindness!"  

"Aiolia, I told you it was I who killed him. If you were there you would see how different he was. He was not the Aiolos I loved as a brother. He was just a murderer and a betrayer of  Sanctury." 

"No, the Pope is lying!! And you are too naive to have believed him!!" 
"Aiolia! After Aiolos tried to kill Athena,  he even took time to get his Sagattarius Gold Cloth! If he didn't do anything wrong, why get his cloth?!" 

 Aiolia has no answer to the question posed. Aiolia's heart feels like someone just stepped on it. The pain is so hard to bare. Aiolia whispers,"He got his cloth?" Shura comes closer and put his right hand on Aiolia's shoulder,"Yes, he did. Aiolia, you should have seen him. He was not the man we knew. He even tried to explain his way out of the situation. He didn't even take his punishment like a man." Shura starts crying,"I didn't want to kill him. Even though I was following the Pope's orders I tried to rationalize myself that it must be a mistake. But after I found him and saw the way he was. I made up my mind. Aiolia, the brother that you knew was not there. The person that I saw was just an evil and pitiful man." 

 Aiolia starts crying and Shura holds him tight. Aiolia can't stop the tears. Shura rubs Aiolia's back, soothing him. It felt like it was Aiolos but it wasn't. Aiolia realizes that Shura is no longer the boy he once knew. The boy he played with but now a man with a stern face. "Aiolia, The Pope has ordered all of Santuary to come and meet. We must go..." Aiolia wipes away his tears and moves away from Shura,"Yes."  

 They arrive at the Pope's Temple. All have gathered here. The people there make way for Shura and Aiolia. People are whispering all around. Some just stare at Aiolia. Aiolia was just about to move closer to Shura but decides to stare back at the other people. Aiolia saying with his eyes,"What are you looking at!!" Shura also gives these people a bad look. They quickly move their head to another direction.  

 The Pope's footsteps can be heard and the whispering stops. The Pope stands infront of his throne. He waves Aiolia and Shura to come to him. Aiolia has a blank face. No expression. The Pope says loudly,"Everyone. We must first express our condolences to Aiolia. No matter what we think of Aiolos. Aiolia has lost a brother. It is up to us now to take care of him. Aiolia, don't blame yourself. You are not responsible. It was all Aiolos's evil." Aiolia still has no expression after hearing this. "This is a sad day for all of us but we must also rejoice. Aiolos's betrayal is a sign from the Gods. The Holy War has begun! What ever evil turned Aiolos into a murderer will come again! We must protect Santuary and Athena! We must rid of this earth of evil! We are Saints! Prepare youselves for the coming battles!!!!" Everyone there shouts,"Athena! Athena! Athena!"except for Aiolia who still has no expression.... 

End of Part I