Saga comes to the Pope's Palace wearing something not right with the Greece August season: long sleeve clothes. When he enters, all has been finished.
    "Saga, just a while ago, an assassin came to attack the Pope!!"
    Hearing this from Shura, Saga is surprised,"What!? Attack the Pope!? Who was it....!?"
    "It was kind of like a Marina of Poseidon."
    "Saga, quickly go back and watch the movement of Poseidon!"
    "Yes!", Saga repectfuly bows.
    Ares is thinking about something. He continues to watch Saga's every move. Right then, Saga feels the stare of Ares, he then gives Ares a rude look. Right at that time, the Pope announces a very important matter.
    "Everyone listen carefully."
    Aiolos and others stand in a digniflied manner.
    "It will be very soon to welcome Athena's Advent."
    Everyone gets very excited.
    (Athena finally will come.....), Shura feels more excited than when he got his Gold Cloth.
    At that time, Saga's face shows a cold grin however it does not escape Ares's eyes, (Saga..........)
    The Pope continues,"As many of you know, when we welcome Athena's Advent, it is right before The Holy Wars. Not only the God of the Sea, Poseidon wants to attack this earth but the Underworld's Hades and also War God, Ares has not given up desires. We must prepare for the coming Holy Wars."
    Shura shows some nervousness.
    The Pope continues speaking,"So, Saga you must use all your energy to watch Poseidon's activity!"
    "And Aiolos, your must strengthen the protection of Sanctuary!"
    "Shura, you must quickly spur on the training of the Saints around the world!"
    "Now Let's begin!!"
    The three Cosmos are burning.
    "Shura, your cutting-hand was very powerful!"
    "Yes! Even I did not know how to control it... it was like the hand was moving on its own will."
    "That is something we can't see, but it is Athena's gift."
    "Oh, Athena's gift!"
    Not only Shura, but Aiolos and Saga and even Ares are all shocked by this.
    "Just like the Sacred Sword from the instructions of God, named Excalibur!"
    "If you trained it hard, you can evolve it into a finishing skill. At the dawn of Athena's Advent, you can protect her with it using all your life...."
    "Yes! Thank you very much!"
    Shura looks at his right hand and little droplets of tears start running down, "Athena....."
    Those tears are the proof of his devotion to the yet, unseen Athena.
    "Shura, this is great!", Aiolos congratulates Shura, holding his right hand.
    "Thank You, Aiolos."
    "Shura, congratulations!" Saga pats on Shura's shoulder.
    Ares's eyes glints. In Saga's sleeves, blood is seeping, (Could, Could it be Saga?......)
    "Everyone, you are dismissed."
    With the Pope's words, Aiolos and the others bow.
    "Saga, would you come to my room later."
    "Ares, what is the matter?"
    "I want to have a word with you...."
    Saga shows he is not comfortable, and leaves quickly.
    Ares is in his room thinking about the assassin,(Santuary is surrounded by many levels of defensive fields. Only Gold Saints can past through them, no one else. If that assassin was a real Marina, he can pass through the fields..... but what if it was a Gold Saint.... and Saga was so late. Furthermore, in the sleeve..... that seeping blood, did I not see it right.......?)
    A knock on the door.
    Saga enters Ares's room and stands in front of him, in Saga's eyes shines a weird light.
    "What is it.....?"
    Suddenly, Ares holds Saga's right hand and he pulls back the sleeve.
    "Wh, what are you doing?", Saga is very scared about this. Ares sees on Saga's arm is the wound left by the Excalibur.
    "I knew it.....Saga, only I know about this. If you have an urge to do something, I suggest you forget it."
    "Ha ha ha..... Ares, if you were not so nosy, you would have a longer life...."
    Saga's eyes turns into a merciless blood red. His personailty is like a completely different person,"Don't worry. This is all for the Gemini Gold Saint, Saga who will take Athena's place and be the ruler of the world. This is the perfect time to do this. I just killed a Marina, took his Scale..... Take this, My most powerful skill, Galaxian Explosion!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Saga's skill rips! And with that one attack, Ares is killed. Seeing the dead body of Ares and Saga laughs coldly, "Ha ha ha....From now on, I will be Ares!"
    He picks up Ares's mask, (Gemini Gold Saint Saga has gone to watch Poseidon's activities. He is traveling around the seven seas......What's next is that I must wait for the right time to get rid of the Pope, if Athena dies too, Sanctuary will be Saga's, mine! Ha ha ha ha!!!!!"

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