The Pope of Sanctuary is the zenith of all the Saints. In every generation, a Saint is chosen by God from the Gold Saints, a Saint that is benevolent, wise, and couragous. The Pope will pass the throne to that Saint.  Many times, this succession ceremony is performed right before the start of the Holy War.
    The so called Holy War means, since when the God of the Sea, the ruler of Sea World, Poseidon tried to invade the earth, the power struggles arose from those who have found the 'Big Will.'[Gods' Will]
    When evil is upon this earth, Athena will be born. Before the fighting starts, The Pope will give an order out to all the Saints in the world to return to Sanctuary.
    The Holy Wars occur in every 230 to 250 years. The last Holy War was 229 years ago At that time, 79 Saints was there to fight. It had the most number of Saints to participate in a war ever but only a few survived. It was a heated war.
    One of them was Shiryu's Master who is right now living in Rozan Five Old Peaks, Libra Gold Saint, Roshi(Dohko), and one more person, it is the now Pope.
     "Uoh! Shura, you finally came back.", expressing his appreciation, the Pope is sitting on the throne, his aged face and body has been hidden by a mask and a noble robe.
    "I wish you good health...", following custom, Shura answers the Pope respectfully.
    "Tonight, take a good night's rest."
    "Yes! Thank you very much."
     "Shura, you have grown strong.", says Ares standing next to the throne. He is The Pope's little brother.
    "Ares, my Lord...that is because of you...." [Ares here in Japanese is A-resu. The offical English Spelling is Ares but we could spell it Arles to distingush it from the War God Ares, Aresu.]
    Ares is to aid the old and diseased Pope. He takes part in the jobs for the Pope. He is a Silver Saint. He cannot become the next Pope but his loyal personality has the trust of all the Saints. He gets great respect and support that is not less than the Pope.
    "Now, the Gold Saint for the Capricorn Temple is back, too."
    "Ares, tomorrow give a mission to Shura," says the Pope while slowly standing up.
    "Yes! Shura, you can leave now. Go and make yourself home."
    Ares follows the Pope.
    "Thank you very much.", while Shura takes a bow and was about to leave, from behind, he feels a very powerful and challenging Cosmo. His whole body gets nervous and tenses up. (Wh, what, this Cosmo?)
    The Pope shouts, "Saga!?"
    "Ah!!" Shura remembers.

    The Gemini Gold Saint, Saga slowing walks foward holding a cold grin.
    "I wish you good health... Gemini Gold Saint Saga has come."
    Saga does the proper etiquette and bows.
    Shura is in deep thought. He decides to determine if that strange Cosmo came from Saga. But Shura only feels a benevolent and a magnificent Cosmo which any Gold Saint would have. (Strange...  Who's Cosmo was it?! Maybe someone has invaded into Sanctuary to cause harm...)
    "You are?"
    Shura answers, "Capricorn Gold Saint Shura."
    "Oh.... it's you...."
    "Just a moment ago, I felt a very large and challenging Cosmo, did you?"
    "Ah... I did not...."
    The two Saints stare at each other, eye to eye, creating sparks. (Wh, what, in Saga's eyes, there is some weird  light...)
    The two still stare at each other. The Pope finally breaks this up, "Saga, how is Poseidon's movement?"
    "There has been not much activity yet."
    "Saga, watching Poseidon is very important. You must not be careless. The last Holy War was 229 years ago, the day Athena arrives is near."
    "Saga, tonight, stay in Sanctuary."
    "Thank You very much."
    Shura is still staring at Saga who takes a bow. Shura thinks, (Saga, a man that must be careful with....)

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