Part I

    The bell of Star Child Orphanage's Chapel went off in the quiet. This bell which goes off absolutely at 6 in the morning, noon and at 6 in the evening. It is called the 'Bell of Hope' by Seiya and the others. Seiya likes this bell which seems to heal the wounded hearts of the children, children who had tough fates without parents.
    One day when it was near Seiya's 6th birthday, by the power of Mitsumasa Kido, the President of Graude Foundation, Seiya was unreasonably taken away from his sister, Seika. In that time he could not hear that sound of the bell.
    "Sister, this sound of the bell. I think i heard something like that before we came to the Orphanage."
 One day when Seiya was tracing back to an instance in his young memory, he was able to remeber what his big sister, Seika once told him, "Seiya, before we came to this Orphanage, near the home where our parents lived, there was also a Chapel! When you heard the chiming of that bell there, you ran around, yelling 'Kin Kon Kan!!!'"
    Seiya has forgotten the faces of his parents long ago, but what's interesting is that he can still remeber what Seika told him that day.
    (Big sister, where have you gone...)

    "Big Bro Seiya, Big Bro Seiya", Makoto's voice suddenly brings Seiya back.
    By defeating the assassins sent by Pope Ares of Sanctuary, Seiya is enjoying this long-waited, and brief resting period. He goes to visit Star Child Orphanage. Standing in front of the main entrance, the chapel bell welcomes him. Without meaning to, Seiya looks up at the bell tower and seems to remeber the conversation he had with his sister.

    "Ah, Makoto?..."
    The orphanage's most high spirited one, Makoto, coming with Akira and Tatsuya, standing with a grin,  "Big Bro Seiya! We kept calling you and you didn't answer. Was it because... you were thinking about Big Sis Miho again?"
    "Yes. Yes."
    "A good matched couple.", with Makoto's words, Akira and Tatsuya surprisingly chimes in with such fast tongues.
    "Stop saying cheeky things! Look! A present."
    Makoto took the present and unwrapped it.
    "Hey, Big Sis Miho, Big Bro Seiya came!!"
    Makoto and the others couldn't scramble fast enough to hide their happiness on the outside. Fill with joy, they run inside the orphange. As Seiya gets sent off by the smiling children, he completely forgets he is the Pegasus Saint and he is just only, Big Bro Seiya.

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