The Road to Zeus

The hypermyth gives a lot questions to wonder about but the Saint Seiya Manga itself poses even more questions.

1) Who are the 12 Olympus Gods?
2) What is the Kamui really?
3) Who and what are the Warriors of Zeus? What armors do they wear?
4) Athena killed Hades but is his spirit sealed?
5) The 108 Evils Stars what are they really?
6) Is Seiya really dead?
7) Who was the Pegasus Saint who wounded Hades in the Time of Myths?
8) Where's Poseidon real body?
9) Who is the real Sea Dragon General?
10) Where's Marin's little Brother?
11) Who is Marin really?
12) Why is Shaka considered the Reincarnation of the Buddha?
13) Where's June?
14) What kind of world is Heaven?
15) How do you enter Heaven?

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