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 [Disclaimer: This is just me making fun, not to offend anyone. ] 

You know you are a Seiya fan when... 

    1. You name your son Seiya. 

    2. In High School, you make every one pick a character.(I was Shiryu, my 
        cold friend was Hyoga, my chubby friend was Seiya) 

    3. You watch it so much, your mother gets so irriated she shouts "OH!!  
        SEIYA JUST DIE ALREADY!!!!!" (This really happened) 

    4. You watch it so much, your get into a gender argument with your 
        girlfriend about whether in the Seiya universe the male or female is 

       "The male is stronger. Look at the Saints. They risking their butts off." 
       "The female is stronger. Look at Athena. She is the leader." 

    5. You see Andromeda Shun and Silver Saint Misty and Gold Saint 
        Aphrodite acting all girlie like and wearing lipstick, so you dress 
        like a woman and wear make-up, hoping your cosmos will increase. 

    6. Going to your graduation prom, your friend sees a girl wearing all white 
        and her breasts are real big and he saids "LOOK! ATHENA!!!!" 
        (this really happend) 

    7. You calculate the average time Ikki comes out and save Shun. 
        (about 15 mins) 

    8. With all the four movies ending the same way, Seiya's arrow killing 
        the bad guy, you wonder "GOD! Aiolos is so selfish, let the other 
        Gold Cloths hit the bad buy!" 

    9. You are thinking, the Gold Saints look like 30 but are actually 20 
        something. So now you understand why Michael Jackson like to play with 
        little boys, Michael is 10. 

    10. You are watching the Bronze boys getting beat up. You say to them 
          "Guys, if this is just to impress the girls, I think it isn't worth it" 

    11. You are watching the bronze boys with their normal clothes, you wonder 
          "God, Saori is so fithy rich, is she so God damn greedy she won't buy you 
          boys new clothes????" 

    12. You are watching Gold Saint Milo kicking Hyoga's butt with his one 
          finger, you say to yourself "Now THAT finger might come in handy with 
          my girlfriend" *wink* *wink*  

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