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 [Disclaimer: The following is a fanfic that I wrote. It does not respresent any offical info. what so ever. I wrote this to imagine if the Saint Seiya manga was continued to Chapter IV The Zeus. This story will continue...   ] 

Saint Seiya - Chapter  IV The Zeus   

Part I 

A shot of Santuary. All is peaceful. We see the Pope's Temple. Inside someone is sitting on the Pope's throne. We hear footsteps from behind the throne. The Pope looks over and he sees Athena dressed in white. The Pope kneels down and Athena tells him to rise. The Pope takes off his helmet. It reveals to be the face of Seiya. 

Athena:"Come Seiya, let us walk around the fields and talk...." 
Seiya:"Yes Goddess..." They walk out and see the beautiful landscape. 
Athena:"nice isnt it?"  

Seiya is getting hot and he takes off his robe. He is dressed  
in the Sagittarius Golden Cloth. The wings hanging down his back.  
Seiya interupts the silence and saids:"It has been ten years, finally the 
day of the last Holy Battle has come...." 

Athena:"It was inevitiable Seiya... since my fight with Poseidon,  
all the Gods disapprove of me protecting this earth... They took ten 
         years to decide what to do..." 

Seiya:"Will we win this time?" 

Athena:"I dont know, this event that is about to happen has  
never happen before. Not in the time of the myths, not ever... Never  
has Athena gone against all the God's wishes." 

Seiya:"But why Goddess....why... Saori, why must they  
destroy this earth... is mankind that bad?" 

Athena:"I have no answer for you, my love... In the past  
battles, Poseidon was tricked into awakening, Eris and Satan wanted  
to rule the world, it was not until my brother Abel did I realize the intentions of the Gods. I believe they were sure that Hades was going to defeat me  
but he did not. And now it has come to this." 



A shot of Siberia, Russia. 

Hyoga:"One two One Two... Yes, Jacob faster..." 

Jacob is fighting with a girl trying his best to win. The girl  
deflects every attack Jacob has come up with. Suddenly, the girl  
closes her eyes. Jacob is getting angry thinking to himself, "You  
disrespectful blonde-hair girl" Just as Jacob is about to kick her, he  
senses a cosmos emanating from her. Jacob steps back. The girl  
brings her hand up and opens it like she is waiting for someone to  
take it. Then all of a sudden ice and snow comes out of it and hits Jacob...  

Hyoga:"STOP! that is enough... Claudia I told you not to  
use your cosmos yet. It is not a fair fight. Jacob you win." 

Jacob:"No, I have not. But I will some day..." 

Claudia:"Oh come on, Jacob, don't be so childish. It was just practice." 

Jacob imitating Claudia:"it was just pracccticeeeeee nah...." 

Hyoga was enjoying this when suddenly he  
senses something. To his surprise, Claudia too. 

Claudia:"What is it, Master?" 

Hyoga:"Don't be scared. It is just Athena... She is calling..." 


Jabu wearing his Bronze unicorn cloth is guarding the  
outer regions of Sanctuary. Bronze Saint Hydra Ichi comes from behind. 

Jabu:"How's Athena doing?" 

Ichi:"She is fine. She is calling all the Saints from  
around the world back to Sanctuary..." 

Jabu:"......, You know, Ichi, I always believe after the war with Hades we 
           would  live normal lives. I was very surprise when two years after, 
           Athena commanded each of us with respective jobs. I thought it was 
           just a formality...." 

Ichi:"And now... what do you think?" 

Jabu:"..... , My worst nightmares has come true..." 

Ichi is grimacing. 


A sound of a hammer. Again that sound. We see the  
hammer hitting on a bignail which hits a stone. We see a youth  
with red hair. The top of his forehead has two dots. On his left arm he is wearing a Greek arm jewelry. A young boy comes and stares. 

Doki:"How is it going?" 

Kiki:"The usual. I have learned the last  
all of Mu's techniques from his books. I am practicing now" 

Doki:"hmmm steady progress..." 

Someone approaches. 
Shunrei:"Come on now, don't get lazy, go to the fields!" 

Doki:".... oh right.... " 

Kiki still trying to shape the stone. 

Shunrei:"How is Shiryu today?" 

Kiki:"Don't you know? You are his wife..." 

Shunrei:"Yes, but he keeps things from me, to protect me..." 

Kiki:"Well, it is the same as the first day he sat there, always watching, 
          always thinking" 


Kiki:"Today he is not watching in  
the same direction but he seems distracted." 


Kiki:"You really want to know?" 

Shunrei nods. 

Kiki:"He took me for a walk this morning." 

Shunrei was surprised. 

Kiki:"Yes, he was looking at things. Really looking,  
like this would be his last time to look. Then he asked me to give  
a message to Athena" 
Shunrei:"What was it?" 

Kiki:"It has happened. It will happen." 

Kiki was just staring at Shunrei when  
Shunrei turned and said "Athena, I hear her." Kiki was  
surprised. He never knew Shunrei had a sixth sense. 
Shunrei smiled and walked off. 

Doki was watering the fields when suddenly his father came from behind. 

Doki:"Dad, why aren't you up there?" 

Shiryu:"I have to go, Doki..." 

Doki:"Where? Dad?" 

Shiryu:"To see some old friends..."  

Doki:"Can I come????" 


Doki:"When will you be back?" 

Shiryu:"Oh a few days, Doki can you do something for me?" 

Doki:"Yes, Dad" 

Shiryu:"Take care of your mother." 

Doki:"hmmm?? okay..." 

Shiryu looks to the direction of his wife while his  
Golden Libra Cloth automaticly puts on his body. Shiryu smiles to  
Shunrei. Shunrei returns the smile and mouths the word "I know" and  
walks off.  Kiki has just come over. 

Kiki:"Shall we go?" 

Shiryu nods. Both of them disappears,  
all that is left is the sound of the waterfall... 


A house. Someone is just walked out of the house. He is wearing the 
Golden Virgo Cloth. He walks to the back of the house and there is a temple. 
He walks in. He sees his brother. 


Shun:"How are the God Cloths?"  

Ikki:"Just like the day we first put them here. Athena's  
cosmos surrounds them and protects them" 

Shun thinks to himself, no matter how many times this  
happens. He can't believe he sees his brother everyday. Shun used  
to remeber the times when he didn't know if his brother is still alive.  
Now that Ikki is responsible for guarding the God Cloths and gotten  
married. Ikki has become more tranquil. Shun hears two footsteps  
while Ikki puts on his Golden Leo Cloth. Two teens wearing Silver  
Cloths has come. 



"Shun!" It is the voice of June. She is wearing her own Bronze Cloth. 
June:"It is time..." June looks at his husband with love.  
Shun:"We can't keep Seiya and Athena waiting, can we?" 
Ikki:"No, lets go." 


Back in the Pope's Temple. Hyoga and his pupils has  
just arrived wearing his master's Golden Cloth, Aquarius.  
Everytime he put on this cloth he feels he can do anything but today.... 


Hyoga kneels down and saids:"My eminence..." 

Seiya:"Oh, stand up!" 

Hyoga smiles. 

Jacob bows. 

Seiya:"Who is this girl, Hyoga?" 

Claudia:"My name is Claudia and I am going to be the best Saint there is!" 

Seiya:"Well I hope you will be." Seiya thinking to himself,"if we have time" 

Seiya hears noises outside. Sounds like Shiryu  
and Kiki and Shun. They all walk in. They all bow. 

Seiya:"Shiryu, it is nice to see you." 


Seiya earlier this morning already talked with Shun about  
his fears and annoyances about being the Pope. Ikki just told  
him, do what your heart tells you. 

More Saints has come. All the Bronze and Silver  
Saints who surived the Hades Battle. Seiya sees Marin and  
Shaina. He used to believe that Marin was his sister but it really  
doesn't matter that she is not. Marin is his sister in Seiya's heart. He remebered all of these people, Marin, Shaina, Kiki and the rest of the  
Bronze Saints protecting his real sister from the God of Death. And he will always be grateful to them.  Seiya thinks to himself "Time, if we only had more..." But now it is not the time for reverie. The sky darkens a little. 

All has arrived. Seiya walks to his chair  
and announces "The Goddess Athena." Everybody kneels. Seiya  
says:"You may rise." Athena comes in her own God Cloth. 

Athena:"It is time for the final Holy Battle. The fate  
of the earth is in our hands. Many of you were with me when  
we were fighting Hades. Some of you realized that he was not our last opponent. You are right, the Gods of Olympus are all against us." 

Athena plaused to let this announcement sink in. 

Athena:"This will be a hard battle. It is very likely  
we will lose. But we can't. If we do, then our existence will be  
no more. All the world with its vibrant life will be gone.  However,  
I have faith in all that is good, that we will triumph in the end." 

Suddenly, there was rain coming down outside. Everybody  
turned to look. Shun thought, "I remeber this rain." and says  
"Poseidon" out loud. 

"NO", a voice saids. Two men comes walking out  
dressed in Scales. To everyone's surprise, it is Poseidon, the  
God of the Sea. And the other his close friend, the Siren, Sorrento,  
holding his flute. 

Poseidon:"It is not my doing, It is my brother, Zeus..." 

Everyone gasps. 

Athena:"The last battle, Poseidon has proven he is on our side. With his 
         help, Zeus will have to think twice before acting." 

Poseidon:"I know some of you may not trust me....  
But I dont need your trust. All you need to know is that I care  
for this earth. I love this world. I do not want to let it go...." 

No one said anything but suddenly all sense a  
cosmos. A man is walking outside. He walks in the temple. A man  
wearing a white robe with a long white beard,"Brother, you should let it go." 


Everyone step back from Zeus. Athena kneels. 

Athena:"Sky God Zeus" 

Zeus:"And you! You started all this!" 

Athena:"Zeus, I only wanted to..." 

Zeus:"You were sent here to rid of this world from evil." 

Athena:"But I did." 

Zeus:"No, you did not, instead, you protect these  
mortal creatures. And you my brother, you are childish to help them" 


Athena:"I will not apologize for me loving this earth and everyone in it." 

Zeus:"Yes, you won't. But mark my words, you will lose in this war." 

Athena:"Maybe.... but what you fail to see Zeus, is  
that these mortals, these living creatures has heart in them. They are good inside. And it is that good and that belief that they will survive anything that 
         will defeat you." 



Zeus:"Then it has begun...."  

End of Part I