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New Era[2002-Present(2010)]


     Even before the end of the original manga, Masami already planned the next chapter after Hades Chapter called, Heaven Chapter[天界編: Tenkai Hen: Sky World Chapter], even fans at the time already can guess that Zeus and the Olympus Gods would be featured. Soundtrack VIII booklet actually had a mention that a possible fight with Zeus in the manga was possible but that chapter was never drawn.
    Shueisha did not want to continue the story after Hades and wanted Masami to focus on the Gold Saints. Shueisha created a new magazine called, V Jump[ブイ ジャンプ] especially for the spin-off[外伝: Gaiden: side story] where many Yomikiri(One Issue manga) of the Gold Saints' past would be told. But after publishing the last issue of Saint Seiya at V Jump, they canceled those plans, too. Instead, Shueisha decided to focus on the younger fans and the project was called, Saint Paradise.
    After the failure of Silent Knight Shou, Masami's contract with Shueisha and Shonen Jump Weekly was dropped. Between 1995-2000, Masami worked on other mangas with a different publishing house. The most successful was B't X at Kadogawa Shoten[角川書店]. After the end of B't X, Masami returned to Shueisha and worked on Ring ni Kakero 2[リングにかけろ 2] from 2000-2008 that was serialized at Super Jump Magazine.
    In 2002-2003, with the Hades Chapter - Sanctuary OVA resurrecting Saint Seiya in Anime, the manga of Saint Seiya also resurrected, titled, Episode. G[エピソード. G: Episo-do. Ji-] serialized at Champion Red[チャンピオンRED: Chanpion Red] Magazine published by Akita Shoten[秋田書店], but the manga was not drawn by Masami himself because he didn't have time for it, instead he appointed Megumu Okuda[岡田芽武].
    In 2003, Toei Animation approached Masami to do an Anime movie and Masami suggested to create Heaven Chapter Movies. To promote the first movie, Heaven Chapter - Overture -[天界編 序奏: Tenkai Hen Jyosou: Sky World Chapter Introduction], released in 2004, Masami finally drew Saint Seiya manga again. The manga was titled Heaven Chapter - Overture - Introduction. It was published in Super Jump.(8)
    In the same year, an Artbook of Saint Seiya was published called, Sora[宙: Chuu: Space, Air], one of many projects for the 30th anniversary of Masami as a mangaka.
    Between 2005-2008, Masami focused on workng on the Hades Chapter OVA. Between 2005-2006, a new edition of the original manga was published called, Complete Edition[完全版:Kanzen Ban]. This edition published lots of the material that was not seen since the publication of the magazine serialization.
    In 2006, Masami decided to focus on the multi-angle manga project called, Hades Mythology[冥王神話: Meiou Shinwa: Underworld King Mythology].(2) There are 2 mangas for this project. One of them is drawn by Masami himself titled, Next Dimension. The second is drawn by Shiori Teshirogi[手代木史織]. Both mangas are serialized at  Weekly Champion Magazine[週刊少年チャンピオン: Shuukan Shounen Chanpion: Weekly Magazine Young Boy Champion] published by Akita Shoten.
    Between 2007-2008, the second Remix Edition was published, giving news of the Hades Chaper - Elysion OVA.. This time the whole original manga was re-printed.
    In this present time(2010), ND and LC continues to be serialized but Ep. G has stopped. According to the Olympus 12 Gods Blog, there will be a new serialization, called Galaxy Myth[銀河神話: Ginga Shinwa: Milky Way Mythology]


Complete Edition[完全版:Kanzen Ban]

    Published from Feb. 2005 to Oct. 2006, for the 20th anniversary of Saint Seiya manga, as a gift to the fans, the original manga[原作: Gensaku: Original Work(Source)] was re-published in an edition where previous full color and 2 color monochrome pages printed in Weekly Jump Magazine were re-printed in its original color, instead of just black and white pages like Jump Comics Edition.(4)
    Odd numbered volumes included Weekly Jump covers inside. Even numbered volumes had folded posters of famous-scenes. Vol. 5 had 2 deleted pages restored. Cloth Diagrams of some of the leading and supporting characters were printed in full color. Starting from Vol 13 and on, chapter opener images in Weekly Magazine were re-printed. Some of those openers were not seen since the magazine publication.

Here are the chapter divisions:

Second Remix Edition

    Published from Dec. 2007 to May 2008, to give news of Hades Chapter - Elysion OVA, the original manga was re-printed in a New Wide[新ワイド: Shin waido] format, where the number of pages in the volumes can go from 340-500!! Vol. 7 had a mini folded poster of Elysion OVA promo.

Here are the chapter divisions:

Heaven Overture Introduction

    Published in Jan. 28th, 2004 in Super Jump April issue was the introduction manga to the Heaven Chapter Overture Movie. It was drawn by Masami and the coloring and backgrounds were drawn and colored by Toei Animation.
    This manga was to lead right into the movie. However because the movie production diverged from Masami's original story plan. The movie does not answer the questions, nor explains the mysteries posed by this manga.
    The manga was reprinted in Artbook, Sora.(1) The plot of the manga picks up where the end of the manga left off. Saori is taking care of Seiya who is in a wheelchair, his Cosmo and Life Force is close to zero. He is just a shell. Meanwhile in the Sky Prison[天空の牢獄: Tenkuu no Rougoku], someone approaches a prisoner named Touma[斗馬] and proposes he takes down the remaining Saints.
    With the problems of the Overture movie production, all the other movies were never produced and there was no manga drawn to continue this manga(however, a character introduced in the movie appeared in Next Dimension manga).

Episode. G


    In Dec. 2002, Masami and Megumu Okuda[岡田芽武] started a new Saint Seiya serizalization at monthly magazine, Champion Red published by Akita Shoten. The manga is a spin-off[外伝](16), a prequel where Aiolia(14) and the Gold Saints take center stage, set 7 years before the original manga time line.
    Initially, Masami and the publisher wanted Megumu to follow the original manga faithfully but Megumu did not want to do that. After Masami gave his consent, Megumu was allowed to draw the manga his own way. For Megumu, this story is to tell the 'history' of Saint Seiya. The manga has stopped publishing after July issue of 2009.(9)


Titan Gods Chapter[ティターン神族編](10)

Chapter 1-26(Titans Return Arc)

Red issue: 2003 Feb-2005 Mar
Volume: 1-7

    In the year 1979, one of the 12 Titans, Hyperion, attacks Sanctuary to retrieve "Megas Drepanon." One of the 12 Somas of the Titans. The Soma[楚真: Souma: Graceful True](11) are the armors and weapons of the Titans which are connected to the Cosmo and Spirits of the Titans. By taking back the Megas Drepanon which is the Soma of Kronos, they can resurrect him fully.
    Pontos, the Sea God, are helping the Titans with their resurrection, however, there's a twist in the plot. The Pope(Saga really) has a Spirit connection with Kronos and Pontos actually is working together with Saga for another scheme.
    Because of Aiolia's unique Cosmo that can help the resurrection of Kronos, the Titans sends all types of monsters and warriors to fight him. Two of the Titans fight with him themselves. Finally at the end of Arc, 11 of Titans are fully resurrected.

Chapter 27-40(Kronos Returns Arc)

Red issue: 2005 Apr-2006 May
Volume: 7-10

    With the return of 11 Titans, Theos Sema[神ノ紋章: Kami no Monshou: Crests of Gods] is about to be completed. They are determined to bring about another Titanomachia[神々の戦い: Kamigami no Tatakai: Gods' War] so they can defeat Zeus once and for all.
    The Spirit of Kronos himself comes to retrieve his sealed Soma. After an intense fight with Saga(Good Side) and Aiolia, Kronos is finally resurrected in his body but without his memories. However, he is still able to use his power, Adamas Psammos[金剛石乃砂: Kongouseki no Suna: Diamond Sands] to de-evolve the human race, so that Titans can inherit the earth.
    With the abduction of Lithos into the Tartaros realm, Aiolia is determined to enter Tartaros to save her.

Chapter 41-73(Tartaros Arc)

Red Issue: 2006 Jul - 2009 Jul(13)
Volume: 10-17

    Aiolia doesn't want a war between humans and Titans. Hyperion proposes Aiolia to fight in Khronos Labyrinthos[刻の迷宮: Toki no Meikyuu: Time Maze] to the last Palace to discuss terms with their King Kronos.
    Mu teleports Shura, Milo, Shaka, Camus and Aldebaran to aid Aiolia. By the completion of Theos Sema, the Titans can use their full power. As the fights between the Saints and the Titans intensifies, finally, the true plan of Pontos is revealed!!
    Aiolia is finally reunited with Lithos, but, Kronos finally regains all his memories! The Titan King prepares to bring destruction to mankind!!

Aiolos Chapter[アイオロス編]

Red Issues: 2007 Dec-2008 Mar
Volume: 0


    From Oct. 2007 to Jan. 2009, a side serialization featuring Aiolos' past was published. The plot is actually detailing one of the many missions of Aiolos when Aiolia was still a child and Galan is thought to be the next Leo Saint. The whole side manga was re-published in Vol. 0 with Prologue and Epilogue mangas, along with Galaxian Encyclopedia that was first printed in issues from May - Oct. of 2006 and from Jan. - Jul. issues of 2007.


    Because of the Aswan High Dam in Eygpt, the waters from the Nile River starts to flood the Abu Simbel temples. As a result, the temples had to be moved. While this was happening, a discovery was found under the temples. With the seal of the underground temple broken, Ichor starts to flow resurrecting all types of Egyption Gods. Aiolos is sent to destroy them. At the end of the story, one of the Gods Aiolos destroys is reformed into one of the 12 Titans and the story also reveals what God was actually sealed in that underground temple.

Short Manga[外伝]

    Each volume of the Comic Books[単行本] contains short mangas. Most of them are fully colored and first printed in the magazine first. Some of the timeframes of the mangas are not exactly clear. Here is a list of them:

Next Dimension Hades Mythology[冥王神話]


    In Apr. 2006, Masami started a new random manga serialization published in Shonen Champion Weekly. The manga is a part of the mult-angle manga project that tells the story of the Previous Holy War from different prespectives. The main difference this manga has to the other manga, The Lost Canvas, is that it tells what happens in the Present Era with Seiya and the other characters as well, a continuation and a prequel at the same time, with the story jumping from the present time to the previous Holy War Era(3).
    The manga issues from Apr. 2006 to Feb. 2009 was printed in full color but because of cost problems(6), the latter issues were printed in part color, even though Masami and production still colored it in full color.(7)  Masami and the publisher has said they intended to published the Comic Books[単行本] in full color, regardless. This manga is on-going.


Present Era

Champion Issue: 2006 #22+23; 2008 #8; 2009 #10-13, 42-44
Volume: 1-2

    In the year 1990, Seiya and the Bronze Saints fight with Hades and Hades remembers he has met a Pegasus Saint before in Time of the Myths but not just that, also in the previous Holy War two hundred forty and some years ago.(5)
    After the Present Era war, Seiya is cursed by the sword of Hades and only have 3 days to live. Saori/Athena is determined to save Seiya's life but in order to do that they must travel back in time. With the help of Hecate, both Shun and Athena reach Artemis Temple in Olympus where they find out Chronos can help them. Using Athena's life as collateral, Chronos allows them to embark on their journey.

Previous Era

Champion Issue: 2006 #36+37-38, 43, 51; 2007 #4+5-6, 36+37-38; 2008 #1, 8; 2009 #10, 13, 43; 2010 #15?18,(The next batch of chapters is scheduled for early summer.).
Volume: 1-2~ On-going.

    Young Bronze Saints Shion and Dohko are promoted to the rank of Gold by the Pope. They are informed that a New Holy War with Hades will begin. Dohko wants to stop this from happening and tries to kill the boy who will be the current body of Hades, Alone.
    However, Alone's friend, Pegasus Tenma stops them. Alone ends up being taken away to Hades Castle by Pandora. Tenma wants to save him but he is stopped by the Specters of Hades.(One of the Specters is actually!?)
    Afterward, in Sanctuary, Athena finally arrives but in an infant form!! As it turns out, the Pope and Pisces Saint Cardinale are agents for Hades. Shijima runs away with the baby Athena. Shun convinces Tenma he is telling the truth and both of them confronts Shion.
    And, the legend continues...

The Lost Canvas Hades Mythology[冥王神話]


    In August 2006, Masami and Shiori Teshirogi[手代木史織] started a new Saint Seiya serialization as part of the multi-angle manga project Hades Mythology at Shonen Champion Weekly. The second manga, a spin-off[外伝](17), a prequel and set wholely in the previous Holy War era.
    Shiroi is a fan of Masami. In a signing of his, she met him and gave him a Comic Book of her Shojyo(aimed for girls) manga to Masami. Later Masami called her to appoint her as the mangaka for LC.
    Shirori uses the Asgard Chapter and movie 3, Legend of Crimsion Boys[真紅の少年伝説] of the Anime as a base for her manga. When the manga is re-published in Comic Book form[単行本], there's extra images and Cloth Diagrams like the style of the original manga.
    This manga is on-going.


Chapter 1-47(The Advent of Hades Arc)

Champion Weekly issue: 2006 #39 - 2007 #36,37
Volume: 1-6

    In the 18th century Italy, 2 friends are torn apart by a destiny since the Time of the Myths. Tenma is a boy who awakened the Cosmo power with no education of it. Alone is a boy who wants to be a great painter but the Spirit of Hades awakens inside him and he becomes the current vessel of Hades. Libra Dohko brings Tenma to Sanctuary to train to be a Saint. He becomes the Pegasus Saint.
    Hades can resurrect his warriors, the Specters[冥闘士] as many times as possible, no matter how many times they are defeated. To counter this problem, Virgo Asmita created the 108 beads made from the Golden Rain Fruits[木欒子の実: Mokurenji no Mi] retrieved by Tenma and company.
    At the end of the arc, Alone begins painting, The Lost Canvas, when completed, all of the lives in the world will be destroyed!!

Chapter 48-95(Hypnos and Thantaos Arc)

Champion Weekly issue: 2007 #38 - 2008 #27
Volume: 6-11

    Tenma is determined to stop Alone himself but he is aided by Cancer Manigold, Yato and Crane Yuzuriha. However, Thanatos, the God of Death create obstacles for them. By the sacrifice of Manigold and his master, Pope Sage, the Spirit of Thanatos is sealed.
    After the defeat of the 4 Dream Gods, most of the Saints gather to attack Hades Castle. By the sacrifice of Sage's big brother Hakurei, Hypnos is also sealed. However, Aries Sion, Yuzuriha and Tenma are no match to Hades. Dohko uses all his might to help them escape. At end of the Arc, Alone abandons Hades Castle and moves away to his realm in the sky!!

Chapter 96-142(To Lost Canvas Arc)

Champion Weekly issue: 2008 #28 - 2009 #34
Volume: 11 - 17

    Alone uses his power to bring the land to rise to Lost Canvas to kill and destroy the human beings on that risen land. In Jamir, the Saints and pawns there are working hard to restore an ancient ship they can use to travel to LC in the sky. Garuda Aiacos and his troops uses all their power to destroy the ship but they are stopped by Leo Regulus and Sagittarius Sisyphos. By the sacrifice of Bronze Saints led by Wolf Junkers, they activate the ship by the Orichalcum of Poseidon!!
    However, as they enter LC, except for Sasha, Tenma, Shion and Regulus, all the other Saints are turned to stone by the power of Hades!!

Chapter 143~ (Star Demon Palaces[星の魔宮: Hoshi no Makyuu] Arc)

Champion Weekly issue: 2009 #35 - 2010 #8-#24,#26-On-going
Volume: 17 ~

    Athena's Cosmo is sealed by Alone and Sasha becomes just a human girl!! Meanwhile back in Sanctuary, Dohko goes to Athena Temple to awaken Athena's Cloth.
    Tenma and company arrive in the Star Demon Palaces, there, his father, Youma appears and reveals the truth of what really happened when the Spirit of Hades was born!!
    With the fight between Shion and Lune, Shion's past is finally revealed!! With the return of Dohko, the decisive fight between Dohko and Kagaho begins.
    And, the legend continues...

Blood-Ink Crest[血墨の紋: Chisumi no Mon]


    Printed in Princess Gold Magazine, published by Akita Shoten, Nov+Dec issue on Oct. 16, 2009 was the Yomikri(One-issue manga) of The Lost Canvas manga detailing the past of Yuzuriha. This manga is a brief return to her roots of Shojo magazine for Shiori. The story is a prequel.


   With the deaths of her mother, father and little brother, Tokusa, Yuzuriha has chosen to give up her life as a warrior and become married to continue her family line. However, Hades resurrects Tokusa as a Specter and sents him to kill her in payment for the resurrected life. Shion defeats Tokusa and the yomikiri ends with Yuzuriha determined to become a warrior again, marking her family crest on her body using Tokusa's blood.

Sora[宙] Artbook

    One of many projects for the 30th anniversary of Masami as a mangaka was the Artbook, Sora. Published in Feb. 2004, it contains 43 illustrations picked by Masami himself, a reprinting of the chapter "Shaka! Man Closest to God" of the original manga in its original full color, an interview with Masami, a reprinting of Introduction manga of Overture movie and a Shueisha publication timeline with pictures and info starting from the serialization of the original manga at Weekly Jump until the publication of Sora itself..

Audio Drama

Special Drama, Gold 12 Palaces Chapter

    For the 20 Anniversary of the birth of Saint Seiya, a drama of the original manga, 12 Palaces Chapter, was featured in the radio program, Shuei School Young Girl Research Club[集英学園乙女研究部: Shuei Gakuen Otome Genkyuu Bu]. The broadcast started at the latter half of Sept. 2005. However, the voice actors of the leading cast was not the originals but the ones used in Underworld OVA.
    The drama was re-released in 2 CDs by Columbia Music Entertainment which contained original drama not featured in the radio program. The BGMs used in drama was from the original Sountracks of the original Anime. Shingo and Michi drew new cover jackets for the releases. The first CD was released on Nov. 30, 2005 and the second, Dec. 28th, 2005.

Episode. G

    Contained in Apr. issue of 2007 of Champion Red Magazine released in Feb. 19th, was the Super Sound Drama CD featuring Aiolia, Lithos, Galan, Camus, and Pontos.

    The Limited Edition product for Vol 11 published in Feb. 20th of 2007 has another Super Sound Drama CD featuring Lithos, Aiolia, Camus, and Okeanos. (The package also came with a visual guide and an extra space for you to place the other drama CD.)


    Ever since the manga and the TV show ended, fans around the world wanted the animation to continue. Back in the 90s, there was a plan to continue Seiya in OVA form.(65) The title was, Modern Myth[現代神話: Gendai Shinwa], but at the time the OVA market was low, all plans were cancelled.(43)
    Between the years 1992 to 1995, the original producer of the TV Series, Yoshifumi Hatano, wanted to resurrect Seiya as TV Series or OVA, but he died in 95.
    Finally in 2002, because of the success of Ring Ni Kakero 2 and good sales of Saint Seiya publications, Saint Seiya Anime resurrected in OVA form.(15) Picking up where the TV Series left off, The Hades Chapter - Sanctuary[冥王ハーデス十二宮編: Meiou Ha-desu Jyuunikyuu Hen: Underworld King Hades 12 Palaces Chapter] was produced.
    With the success of the OVA, a Saint Seiya movie was produced, in 2004, Heaven Chapter[天界編序奏]~Overture~ was released, a movie set after the Hades Chapter story.
    Between 2005-2008, the Hades Chapter OVAs continued. The Hades Chapter - Inferno, Precede Chapter[冥王ハーデス 冥界編 前章: Meikai Hen Zenshou: Underworld Chapter Preceding Chapter], The Hades Chapter - Inferno, Succeed Chapter[冥王ハーデス 冥界編 後章:Meikai Hen Koushou: Underworld Chapter Succeeding Chapter]  and The Hades Chapter - Elysion[冥王ハーデス エリシオン編: Erishion Hen: Elysion Chapter] were produced.
    In 2009, with the popularity of The Lost Canvas manga, OVAs were produced and released in DVD and Blu-ray format. Season 1 DVDs are releasing at this present time(2010). As of Jan. 2010, the second season has been officially gone into production.


Hades Chapter - Sanctuary[十二宮編]

    Kouzou Morishita, the inital director of the TV Series appointed Hiroyuki Sakurada as producer for the OVA in 2002. In August, meetings were held in Shueisha with those who were involved in realizing the OVA. They were, manga publisher: Shueisha, animation studio: Toei Animation, cable broadcaster: Sky Perfect TV!, DVD vendor: Bandai Visual, and adviser: Sinkpot.
    It was decided that 13 episodes would be produced and the content consists of the battle that starts in 12 Palaces and would end at the collaspe of Hades Castle. Michiko Yokote was appointed script writer. Initially Yokote wrote the scripts very faithfully to the manga but by Masami's advise, she rewrote the scripts to be more original. Because of the high quality of movie 2 and 3, Shigeyasu Yamauchi was appointed director of the OVA. Shingo Araki and Michi Himeno returned to be Character Designers.
    The original voice actors of Seiya(18), Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun, Ikki, Athena, Shaina, Roshi(29), Aldebaran, Death Mask, Aphrodite, Aiolia(22), and Shaka, all returned to voice their characters once again. New voice actors were cast for the characters which were voiced by the original voice actors who have retired or passed away or chose not to return.(23)
    Because the OVA produced did not contradict what happened in the TV Series, a Digest Episode was produced where it summarizes what happened in the TV Series. (This Digest Episode finally confirmed that Ares was killed by Saga 13 years ago and his corpse is on Star Hill, and Pope Shion was killed by Saga during the time of Galaxian Wars.)
    The OVA first aired on Cable, Sky Perfect TV! Animax Pay Per View(19) from Nov. 9th, 2002. Each of the broadcast would be presented with Seiya-TV hosted by the original voice actor of Seiya, Tooru Furuya, to talk about the OVA and Seiya related topics.(20)
    Later, when the DVDs(72) were released, not only would the Digest Episode and the Seiya-TV show be special features in the DVDs but also the OVA itself would be presented in its entirety featuring deleted scenes not shown in the cable version.(21) Later in Dec of '03 a complete version[完全版] of OVA was availble for Pay Per View.
    A companion guide to the OVA, Shueisha Remix Hades Sanctuary Book, was released on August 2003.(75)

The Deleted Scenes of the cable broadcast(28) are:

The main differences between the OVA and the manga are: Hades Chapter - Inferno and Elysion[冥界前後編とエリシオン編]

    With the failure of the Heaven Chapter movie project, Masami focused his energy on the rest of the Hades OVA but another problem surfaced. He already had views that the original voice actors of the TV Series were too old to voice the characters in Hades Sanctuary OVA.. He suggested to re-cast but he was ignored.  He suggested it again to replace the voice actors in the Overture movie production, Tooru Furuya values teamwork above all ignored him along with the production.
    In 2004, Masami already worked with new voice actors for Ring Ni Kakero 1 Anime. Again, he suggested to change voice actors for Inferno OVA, keep Tooru Furuya as Seiya and the rest be all changed. But Tooru did not want to do that. Finally, Tooru left the production of Seiya OVAs.(33)
    In Super Jump Magazine that was sold in August 10th, 2005, it announced that the OVA would use new voice actors. (The voice actor of main character, Ryuuji of Ring ni Kakero 1 Anime is the same voice actor of Seiya for Underworld+Elysion OVAs.) The fans were in an uproar over this and started a campaign to voice their opposition to all parties involved. Masami's Manager, Masashi Yamaguchi had to release a statement on Masami's official website talking about the above issues, hoping fans would stop the campaign.
    The voice actors that did return since the TV series were Shaka, Aiolia(34), Aldebaran, Aiolos, Sorrento, and Julian Solo(31). In the TV Series, the same voice actor voiced Marin and Seika. In the OVA, 2 new voice actors were cast for the two characters.
    For the OVA production, producer Hiroyuki Sakurada was replaced by Seiichi Washida(Underworld), and Kouhei Kohara(Elysion). Scriptwriter Michio Yokote was replaced by Yousuke Kuroda. Yousuke was very faithful to the manga and added a few original scenes. The director Shigeyasu Yamauchi was replaced by Tomoharu Katumata. Araki Shingo and Michi Himeno were still the Character Designers but because Araki Shingo was retiring, most of the work was done by Michi. Most of the veteran anime staffers was replaced with new ones.
    The cable broadcaster was still Sky Perfect! TV Animax Pay Per View, 6 Episodes each for the production that started to air in Dec. of 2005(Underworld Precede), Dec. of 2006(Underworld Succeed), and Mar. of 2008(Elysion), but, the DVD vendor, Bandai Visual, was replaced by Avex Entertainment. The DVDs were sold in Feb. of 2006(Precede), Jan. of 2007(Succeed), and Mar. of 2008(Elysion). When Underworld OVA was broadcasted on cable, there were staff interviews(Precede) and Gold Saint files(Succeed) included. These became the DVD special features.
    Precede OVA dealt with the story from the collapse of Hades Castle in the manga and ends with Ikki vs. Aiacos mid fight. Succeed OVA picks up from the fight and ends with the Wailing Wall[嘆きの壁] broken. Elysion OVA picks up from the breaking of the Wall and ends the same way as the Hades Chapter manga does.
    The main difference between the Cable and DVD versions was a scene where Canon confronts Rhadamanthys. He launches Juggler Punch[幻朧拳: Genrou Ken] on him and was about to launch Juggler Devil Punch[幻朧魔皇拳] on him, too. This scene is in the DVD only.(32)

The main differences of the OVA and the manga are:

The Lost Canvas Hades Mythology[冥王神話]

Season 1

    With the popularity of the manga, TMS Entertainment secure the rights to create a 13 episode OVA released in DVD and Blu-ray every other month starting from Jun, 24th, 2009. The story covers from the beginning of the manga up until Tenma, Yato and Yuzuriha leave Sanctuary heading to Hades Castle.
    Osamu Nabeshima was hired to be the director of the OVA production. Original TV Series writer, Yoshiyuki Suga, returned to write the scripts. Yuuko Iwasa was hired to be Character Designer and Main Animation Director. Well known voice actors of the present generation were hired to voice the characters to enhance the efforts of the production. Vap is the DVD vendor.
    Each DVD would have special features and Season 1 Special Feature is a Drama CD(35). The DVD booklets would have production info on the OVA.
    The OVA also was released in the theater for talk events. The 1st one was on Jun. 14th, 2009 had Ep. 1-2. The 2nd one was Oct 18th, 2009 had Ep. 3-6. The 3rd one was on Feb. 14th, 2010, had Ep. 7-10. The 4th one was on Apr. 11th had Ep. 11-13. The OVA is shown on Cable TV, Kids Stations starting from May 10th. Also, for a limited time, it is distributed for free on net service, GyaO!
    The official website provides not only news and info about the OVA but web radio broadcasts where the voice actors of Tenma, Alone, Dohko interview other voice actors and staff of the OVA.

The main differences between OVA and manga are:

Season 2

    Season 2 should pick up where season 1 left off and cover the story until the collapse of Hades Castle.


The Movie Box DVD

    Released in August 2004 was the DVD box set of all 4 movies. New covers were drawn by Shingo and Michi. The limited Edition came with a Saint Cloth Series figure, Sagittarius Seiya. The special features of the DVDs were trailers and no credits OP, ED. The booklet has good production info.

Heaven Chapter[天界編序奏] Overture


   In 2003, Toei approached Masami to do a Saint Seiya movie and Masami's suggestion was to make the Heaven Chapter. Though he wanted to draw the chapter himself, in this new era, he felt there are many ways in the media to release a manga story like that. The original plan was 3 movies total to be produced.
    Story treatment was created by Masami. The scripts based on the treatment was written by Michiko Yokote but she became ill and Akatuki Yamatoya continued writing scripts in her stead.(44) There were 11 drafts total for the scripts.(38)
    Shigeyasu Yamauchi was hired to be the director and he directed the movie in a way where he hopes the audience would figure out the hints of the movie. The voice actors of Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun, Ikki, Saori, Shaina, and Marin returned to voice their characters again.(37)
    To promote the movie, Masami drew an Introduction Manga with participation from Toei Production for the movie before the release. It was published in Super Jump, April Issue, prior to the release of the movie. The full length feature was released on Feb. 14, 2004.
    Because the production diverged from Masami's vision, no follow up movies to this one have been produced.(36)


    After the Hades Holy War, Seiya is inactive from the curse of the Underworld King. Athena's elder sister, Goddess of the Moon, Artemis, sents 3 Angels[天闘士] to kill Seiya but Saori/Athena stops them. Artemis herself descends and strike an agreement with Athena to spare the lives of the Saints while Athena goes with Artemis to retrieve her true divine self.
    Seiya finally wakes and goes to Sanctuary to find it has been changed to the realm of Artemis'. He wants to fight but the curse of Hades prevents him from using his Cosmo fully. Joined with other boys they confronted the Angels. They are no match to the awesome powers of the Angels but with the encouagement of the Gold Saints' Spirits and their own fighting spirit, they finally defeat 2 of them.
    The movie reveals that the surviving Angel, Ikaros is actually Marin's missing little brother she went to Sanctuary to find, Touma(the same man in the Introduction manga). By Saori's help, Seiya's Cosmo is free. At the end of the movie, Apollon descends and confronts Seiya and Athena.

Points of interest

Hikari[光] Artbook

    Released on Feb. 2004 was the artbook of Shingo Araki and Michi Himeno illustrations. The illustrations came from products, the anime productions from the original era to the new area. Some of the material was never released before. It also inlcudes anime production info and interviews with Shingo and Michi.


[For track listings and lyrics, go here]

Eternal Edition

    Like other classic animes, Saint Seiya music was featured in the Eternal Edition series. Starting from Mar. 2003, a collection of 10 CDs containing music from previous albums and previously not released materals(39) were released. There are 10 Files sold in five 2-CD sets. The booklets themselves contain music info and also discusses Saint Seiya related topics.
    Files 1&2 contains music mainly for Galaxian Wars, Dark, Struggle for Gold Cloth and Silver Chapters. File 3&4 contains music mainly for Movie 1 and Gold Chapter. Files 5&6 contain music mainly for Movie 2, 3 and Asgard Series.(40) Files 7&8 contain music mainly for Poseidon Series and music from Piano Fantasia Album. Files 9&10 contain music mainly for Movie 4 and Hades Album.
    In Jul. 30th, 2008 an Eternal CD-Box set was released with all the material in the Eternal Edition and the material from Complete Song Collection.

Hades Chapter OVA

    Yasuno Satou was the one who selected the BGMs for the TV Series. He returned to work on the OVAs and one of the few people who was not replaced, so he worked on all 5 productions of anime adapted from the original manga! He chose music from the 7 recording sessions recorded for the TV Series and Movies, Hades Concept Album, and Heaven Chapter soundtrack for the OVA BGMs.
    Seiji Yokoyama already wrote most of the music in Hades Chapter Concept Album but for the track "Pandora's Box", it was newly recorded for the OVA. Previously the harp music for Movie 1, was reused for Mime's music for Asgard Series. This time for Orphee's harp music new music was written to match his Lyre playing and the one who actually played the harp was the director Tomoharu Katumata's daughter, a pro harpist!
    For the Hades Sanctuary OVA, a Grand Opening would open the OVA and an Grand Closing would close the OVA. The Grand Opening had the Video Size of Globe[地球ぎ: Chikyuugi] by Yumi Matuzawa and TV Size of Pegasus Fantasy[ペガサス幻想] by Make-Up with new sound effects! The Grand Closing had the TV Size of Blue Forever[永遠ブルー] and the Video Size of The Same Blue Sky with You[君と同じ青空:Kimi to Onaji Aosora](41)
    The opening song of Underworld and Elysion OVA used the song, Pegasus Forever[女神の戦士: Megami no Senshi: Warrior of the Goddess] by Marina Del Ray.(46) For the closing songs, Underworld OVA used My Dear[託す者へ: Takusu Mono e: To Entrusted One] by Yumi Matuzawa and Elysion OVA used Del Regno(45)[神の園: Kami no Zono: Gods' Garden] by Yuuko Ishibashi.
    Hades Sanctuary and Underworld OVA each released a theme song single. The closing song for Elysion OVA, however, can be found in the CD titled, Saint Seiya The Hades[冥王 ハ?デス編 スペシャル アルバム: Meiou Ha-desu Hen Supeahru Arubamu: Underworld King Hades Chapter Special Album]. The album includes new songs recorded at the time.
    All the theme songs(except for Del Regno) and theme songs from Hits II+III, Movie 3+Overture, Hades Concept Album can be found in the CD titled, Thema Song&Best Album.

Overture Movie

    Released on Mar. 17th, 2004 was the Original Soundtrack of the Overture movie. Seiji Yokoyama wrote the score. In Seiya History TV show, he stated that he actually wrote another score for a foreign release outside of Japan. It is not clear if that score was ever used. The album also includes "Never" by Make-Up returning since the TV Series production.

Lost Canvas OVA

    The music for the OVA was written by Kaoru Wada and the BGM selection by Maiko Aida. The Original Soundtrack was released on Sept. 25th, 2009.
    The Opening Song for the OVA is The Realm of Athena by Eurox and the Closing Song is Flower Chain[花の鎖: Hana no Kusari] by Maki Namanai with Marina Del Ray. A theme song single was released on Jul. 25th, 2009.(42)

Audio Drama

LC Season 1 Special CD

    The Special item of buying all the first print DVDs of LC Season 1 is a drama CD. The Drama is written by Shiori herself titled, Red Bond[赤い絆: Akai Kizuna]. The story is about Pisces Gold Saint Albafica and his master the previous Pisces Saint, Lugonis.


Saint Cloth Series Bandai Asia

    With the popularity of "Saint Cloth Series Gold 12 Zodiac Gathering", in Hong Kong, Bandai Asia was able to produce old and new figures.

Cloth Myth[聖衣神話: Seii Shinwa]

    Although the Cloth Myth coincided with the OVA releases, the concept of the line was thought up long before the OVA was concieved. With the popularity of "Saint Cloth Series Gold 12 Zodiac Gathering", the one who was responsible for that product expressed a wish for Tamashii[超合金魂: Chougoukin Tamashii: Super Alloy  Soul] like figures for Saint Seiya.
    The idea of the line is to create the 'Ulitmate Cloths[究極クロス: Kyuukyoku Kurosu]'. Hiroaki Tanaka(52) and Keita Izumi(53) were appointed to create the line. Another intention of the line was to create a full line up, that's why even minor characters were produced. Though the die-cast Cloth pieces varies with each figure, with extra parts and accessories, different poses and different skills can be created and not just anime features but manga features can be produced.(64) The products also include background pictures for you to use.
    The product line didn't just develop the Cloth materials but the bodies, too. The first body type had the least articulation.(47) The 2nd body type added extra parts for more articulation in the neck, chest, wrist, thigh.(48) For a more natural articulation, a 3rd body type was created. Female body types were also created.(49)(76)
    There are also other products like stands, Appendix, Limited figures. With Tamashii Nation showing concept designs, fans are given hints of what possible products will come in the future.(57) (Bandai Asia also releases Gift Plates to go along with the CM.(50) This line is on-going.

Bronze Saint

Silver Saint

    If not for the OVA, intead of the Specters, Silver Saints CM would have been the 3rd line released after first New Bronze, Gold CM.

Gold Saint God Warrior

    Except for Seiya and Bud, each God Warrior includes an emblem for the stand, Odin Sapphire with small stand and sticker.

Marina Specter

    For the Gold Saints, their object designs are toy originals.

God Lost Canvas Limited[限定: Gentei]

    The first limited product was supposed to be the Pegasus Seiya from the Overture Movie end credits, but it changed to Pope Shion. The conditions to get these products in Japan may vary from collecting stamps from CM or other Seiya-related products, finding them in Tamashii Nation events, Magazine limited application purchases or Webstores only purchases. Some products though limited in Japan, have general releases in foreign markets. Please be advised that price range may vary on actual collectabiliy and amount of figures that were actually produced.


Other: Appendix

    The idea for the Appendix line came from a customer who wanted different facial expressions(the initial products had only one head with no alternate faces). The creators themselves saw toy bust products sold in a  convenience store and decided to make the product line a half body product that includes Cloth made in plastic, with extra pieces of Cloth gear for more flexibility or other accessories. However, fans speculate that this line was created to compensate for the poor quality of CM initial products.(At the time, other toy lines for other animes had similar poor quality.)(51)

Other Related Products Video Game

[ For more Info and pics of some of these games go here  ]


    Released in Jul. 31st, 2003 for the WonderSwan system, was the improved version of the old Nintendo games, titled, Gold Legend[黄金伝説編] Perfect Edition. The game play is the same but the key is to fight pawns to increase Cosmo and EXP values so you can keep fighting. The main fighters you face are Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun, Ikki, Docrates, Misty, Gemini Saint, DM, Aiolia, Shaka, Milo, Shura, Camus, Aphrodite and Saga.

Play Station 2

Sanctuary 12 Palaces

    Released in Apr. 7th, 2005 was the first PS2 Game of Saint Seiya, Chapter-Sanctuary[聖域十二宮編].(73) The game is 3D battle game. There are 4 game modes. The first mode is Gold12 Palaces or Story Mode where you fight following the story and can watch mini-movies. You defeat pawns on the way to the Palace and after that, you enter the Palace to fight the Gold Saint. There are alternate stories than the usual ones you see in the anime or manga.(67)
    The second mode is One Thousand Wars Mode or VS Mode where your fighter can fight the computer or your friend controling fighter 2. The third mode is Seiya's Rest Day Mode where you can see the items you unlocked.
    The fourth mode is Juggler Devil Punch Mode or Pope Mode. You play as the bad guys to protect the 12 Palaces. There are items you can use to weaken you opponent or strengthen your fighter. To be able to use all the players, you have to do a command at the Beginning/Continue Screen of the mode to unlock other players you didn't have access to before. The code is at the official website(
    The main fighters you can control and unlock are Seiya, Shiryu(66), Hyoga, Shun, Ikki, Marin, Shaina, Misty, Mu, Aldebaran, Gemini ???, DM, Aiolia, Shaka, Dohko, Milo, Sagittarius Seiya, Shura, Camus, Aphrodite, Saga, Shou, Daichi, and Ushio. There are black versions(purple color) of all the players and there are Plain Clothes versions of Bronze 5.

Hades 12 Palaces-Inferno

    Released in Apr. 7th, 2005 was the second PS2 game of Saint Seiya, The Hades Chapter-Sanctuary[冥王ハーデス十二宮編].(74) The game is 3D battle game with improved game play than before.(68) There are 6 game modes. The first mode is Hades 12 Palaces Mode or Story Mode where you fight following the story from Hades Sanctuary to Inferno Chapter where Shun gets possessed by Hades.(70) There are extra stories from the manga.(71)
    The second mode is One Thousand Wars Mode or VS Mode where your fighter can fight the computer or your friend controlling fighter 2. The third mode is Saint Myth Mode or Arcade Mode. You get to fight 12 random fighters. The 12th is Sagittarius Seiya. If you don't need to use continues you get to fight with Libra Shiryu and Aquarius Hyoga after Sag Seiya.
    The fourth mode is Eternal Battlefield Mode or Survival Mode, you get to keep on playing until you lose fully. If you survive 19 battles, on the 20th, you fight Aiolos!! The fifth mode is Light Speed Deathmatch Mode or Time Attack Mode, where you use the least amount of time to defeat 12 opponents. The sixth mode is Seiya's Rest Day Mode where you see the items you unlocked.
    The main fighters you can control and unlock are:


    Released on Nov. 23th,  2006 was the second Jump characters game, Jump Ultimate Stars. With more characters than before, Saint Seiya characters were featured. The characers are Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun, Ikki, Saori and Mu. Characters from other mangas are Dragon Ball, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, Fist of the North Star, Slam Dunk, Death Note, Dr Slump, YuYu Hakusho, and etc.


Other Merchandise



All products are limited.


Megahouse Movic





Various Companies

Champion Red

Original manga style:

Ep. G style:

Ep. G Volumes Limited Products

Next Dimension

Champion Weekly Magazine Only:

Lost Canvas

Champion Weekly Magazine Only:

Magazine Limited

Super Jump

Animedia Animage Beat

New Type

Notes & Trivia
  1. In Artbook, Sora, all the extra comments were removed.
  2. The manga has another English title, "The Myth of Hades"
  3. Akita Shoten declared ND to be a canonical continuation[正統なる続編: Seitou naru Zokuhen] of the original manga when Vol 1 of  ND was about to be published but fans question if this was a gimmick on their part to boost sales.
  4. 完全:Kanzen also means perfect but this edition is by no means perfect! It doesn't have all the deleted material and it doesn't have all the chapter opener images from Weekly Jump Magazine.
  5. Masami never explained the change of the year to 1990.
  6. The magazine itself says cost problems was the reason for this but according to the "Olympus 12 Gods" blog, people who have inside info on Saint Seiya, the copyright of Saint Seiya had legal problems between Akita Shoten and Shueisha. Also for Champion Weekly itself, other mangakas complained why only ND gets the full color printing every time? Also, Masami getting sick also did not help.
  7. In his blog, Masami showed some of the black and white pages in full color.
  8. The cover of Super Jump was the main characters of Saint Seiya and Ring ni Kakero 2, Seiya+Rindo.
  9. It's unclear if Megumu is taking a break or like Fuma no Kojiro work at Champion Red where it has not returned since Jun. of 2006.
  10. On Vol. 12 advert sleve, it called the current chapter by this title, ティターン神族編:Titan Gods Chapter.
  11. Soma, in Indian Mythology is a drink of the Gods for the immortal soul. Soma, σ?μα, in Greek means 'body'.
  12. フォトンバースト:Fuoton Ba-suto, 光子破裂: Koushi Haretu: Photon Burst(Explosion).
  13. Since there is no Vol 18, the May-Jul issues have not been be reprinted in Comic Book form yet.
  14. When Masami was developing the original manga, he inititally intended the main character to be Leo Saint.
  15. The official sources say that the success of Ring ni Kakero 2 was one of the reasons why Seiya got the attention to resurrect, however, Ring ni Kakero 2 started in 2000 and it was really at the end of 2002 when Seiya resurrected. We can't ignore the fact that Jerome Alquie and his companions created Hades trailers and released them in 2001 and showed it to Shingo Araki. There are rumors that that Jerome participated in the Hades Chapter - Sanctuary production, neither Jerome nor the official production has acknowledge if this did or didn't happen.
  16. In Princess Gold magazine where the Yuzuriha Yomikiri was published, it refered to the Episode G. manga as a Spin-off work[外伝的作品].
  17. In Princess Gold magazine where the Yuzuriha Yomikiri was published, it refered to the Last Canvas manga as, Another Story[アナザー ストーリー].
  18. The original voice actor of Seiya, Tooru Furuya, used alot of his energy to help make the OVA a success.
  19. You  had to pay 800 yen to watch it.
  20. The first broadcast had the Digest Episode and episodes 1+2, in the next 4 broadcasts, it had two episodes each, 3+4, ... , 9+10. The last broadcast had 3 episodes, 11+12+13.
  21. The DVD contents are: Vol 1: Digest + Ep 1; Vol 2-7: Seiya-TV+(2+3, ... , 12+13)
  22. The original voice actor of Aiolia also voiced the narration for the TV Series. For the OVA production, he also voiced the narration of the Digest Episode and the narration for Myth of Resurrected Gold Saints[よみがえりし黄金聖闘士たちの神話: Yomigaerishi Ougon Seitoushi tachi no Shinwa] DVDs.
  23. The original voice actor of Nachi of the TV Series voiced Shura in the OVA. The OVA voice actor for Ichi and Argor was the same and he actually voiced a pawn in the TV series.
  24. In the manga, Sirius' skills are unknown. Because in the OVA, Sirius is voiced by Masami's friend, Masami gave the name of the skill: Great Mountain Smasher.
  25. In the original manga, in Silver Chapter, Hyoga actually defeated Babel very easily.
  26. The OVA staff intended Ikki to show up in the fight but they ran out of time to animate that part.
  27. In Inferno OVA, the scene of the 8 Senses is animated in its entirety.
  28. The previews for the next episodes of the Cable and DVD versions were also different.
  29. The voice actor for 18 year old Dohko is different than the one in the TV Series Asgard Series, the face is also different.
  30. The OVA staff actually joked this was a a Gokon[合コン:Group Date] scene!!
  31. The voice actor for Julian Solo also did the Poseidon voice in the OVA. In the TV series, the voice of the God(Poseidon) in the beginning of Asgard Series is actually a different voice actor than Julian Solo.
  32. In Sanctaury OVA, Rhadamanthys' line where he fears the Gods' Blood on the Bronze Cloth was never said. In the Elysion OVA, Sylphide actually references that line, making a contradiction with the two productions.
  33. For Masami, as long as there is Tooru Furuya as Seiya, Shingo Araki's Drawings and Seiji Yokoyama's music, the production would be a success.
  34. He voiced the narration again.
  35. Buy all the first print DVDs and collect all the application stamps for a future mail-in. The deadline for the mail-in is May 31st, 2010.
  36. Masami actually wanted to make 3 more movies after Overture, 天界編本章:Tenkai Hen Honshou:Heaven Chapter True Chapter, 天帝編:Tentei Hen:Sky Emperor Chapter(or Zeus Chapter) and 時空クロノス編:Jiku Kuronosu Hen:Time-Space Chronos Chapter.
  37. Masami's friends did the voices of the Gods talking to the sealed spirits of the Gold Saints.
  38. Changes were made to the scripts even at the Voice Acting recording stage.
  39. The material included music recorded back in the original recording but never released before, and off vocal versions, different sizes, and instrumental versions of the songs. The collection is not a complete collection! Some materials were purposely withheld for a future release. Some original master tapes are lost.
  40. Because some master tapes were lost, it doesn't have the whole recording of movie 3 score.
  41. At one point in the production, they considered using Soldier Dream to create a opening like Asgard/Poseidon OP with Specters replacing the God Warriors/Marina, however, this idea was dropped.
  42. An acoustic version of the ED song can be found in the single, While There is Light[光あるうちに: Hikari Aru Uchi ni].
  43. There are rumors that the production did go into pre-production. Official sources don't say to which level, but a proposal was made and Hades Image Album staff did hear that the production started.
  44. Many Masami's own ideas were ignored and not used by the production.
  45. Del Regno means 'The Realm'
  46. Marina Del Ray is fan of Masami Kurumada's manga, of course Saint Seiya, too.
  47. There was a special Alebaran body type.
  48. There was a special Ban body type.
  49. The Saori body type and any future products is a modiflied type after the first female body type.
  50. The plate should be a free gift, but many shops in HK charge you a small price or you can treat it as a minor discount for not wanting the plate.
  51. After the product quality improved, fans also speculate that the Appendix and OCE line was created to make more money.
  52. His best 3 selection is: Gemini Cloth, Alpha God Robe and Scylla Scale.
  53. His best 3 selection is: Pegasus God Cloth, Scylla Scale and Thanatos+Hypnos Surplice.
  54. For some reason, on the box, Odin is spelled, "ODEN".
  55. Taiwan release came with a free poster.
  56. According to store owners, more figures were actually produced, decreasing the actual collectability. And though the figure is supposed to use 24K Gold, some question if this is true.
  57. The Greek writing on the boxes are codes to hint at future releases.
  58. Object form not correct, need Appendix to create correct shoulder guard to wings.
  59. Shiryu's back has the Dragon image.
  60. Only the Complete Edition Scale Diagram has Poseidon Scale in red-orange color, most pictures in the manga have orange color.
  61. A fake Miho figure exists.
  62. A fake Shunrei figure exists.
  63. A fake Eurydice in Stone exists.
  64. Extra parts can be punches or hands, or extensions to make certain body parts longer. Extra faces or hair extensions. Extra accessories can be extra clothes like mantles or robes and other items that the figure can wear.
  65. Original Video Animation. Back in the 90s, OVA were released in Video and LD format. Now a days, it is released in DVD. Hades Chapter OVA were released in Cable TV first and then DVD and VHS. LC OVA were released in Movie theater for Talk Events along side the DVD releases where some epsiodes got to viewed before the DVD release.
  66. This was the last job of the original Voice Actor of Shiryu, Hirotaka Suzuoki before he died.
  67. To fight Gold Shaina, you have to fight all the 12 Palaces fighters without the need of continues. The opponents are: Aldebaran, Gemini ???, DM, Aiolia, Shaka, Dohko, Milo, Sagittarius Seiya, Shura, Camus, Aphrodite, Saga.
  68. Though the command of the Big Bang Attack is executed easier, the actual performance of Big Bang Attack of the fighter is the same where you have to crash into an open opponent for your fighter to actually perform the Skill.
  69. In the HK broadcast, the lines stayed true to the manga.
  70. You get to follow the story by reading the dialgoue, the choice of dialgoue you make will influence the Cosmo gauge on your fighter or opponent.
  71. At the time, only the Underworld Preceded OVA was produced, so the story with Aiacos vs. Ikki and Hyoga vs. Minos is based on the manga.
  72. For the limited edition DVDs, cellphone straps were included.
  73. The Limited Edition came with a Sagittarius Box Memory Card Case.
  74. The Limited Edition came with a Bronze Box Memory Card Case where the front side can be interchanged with 5 Bronze Reliefs.
  75. The Limited Edition came with 3 pictures and a Not for Sale Trading Card.
  76. There's a transparent body type used in Tamashii Event.
  77. If you bought Bronze Seiya, enter the serial number of the Discount Ticket here: and you can get 1000 yen off on the price.

Further Reading and Reference Sources

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