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 [Disclaimer: The following is a fanfic that I wrote. It does not respresent any offical info. what so ever. I wrote this to imagine if the Zeus Chapter was made into a  
movie this is how I would do it. This was my first attempt in writing Fan-fics.  
This only have the begining part of the movie. I will not continue this. ] 

Saint Seiya Legends: The Movie 

It has been Five years after the battle of Hades. Seiya  
and his sister is running a restraurant and Miho is helping. Saori  
Kido comes in and says hi and gets something to drink. 

  Hyoga, puting flowers on the ice for his mother, friend and master, 
thinks about how lovely would it be if I died and see them all again. 
Jacob is watching from a distance and sees the sky darken a little. 

  Shiryu and Shunrei has gotten married and Shiryu is plowing  
the land.  Shunrei is helping. Kiki is a teenager now and is using his 
powers to water the plants. He senses something but can't identifly it. Shiryu also notices and looks to the direction that Dohko was always watching 
while sitting infront of the water fall. 

  Shun and June are living together in an apartment and Shun is writing 
his first novel. Shun looks up to the sky and sees a very bright star in 
the middle of the day moving slowly to the north. 

And then all at once, all their respective God Cloths  
comes alive and  flys to each of them without reason and puts it on. 

Shiryu tells Kiki to tell everyone to come to his place. They all fly 
there. Each is overjoy at seeing each other but is very upset to what is 
happening. They look to the direction Shiryu was looking at, the north. 

The ground shakes and a lighting bolt hits the ground  
and a mountain rises from that direction. Seiya asks, "Who?" 
"Zeus...." Athena answers, suddenly arrived in her God Cloth...