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 [Disclaimer: You know every Saint's cloth has a head piece, do you ever wonder why some of them dont wear it? Not to cover their beautiful face? It flys off 
most of the time during battle? Sometimes it just disappears..... 

Here is a list of helmet related stuff, questions and things for you to 
wonder about for the Die Hard Seiya fan with nothing to do... ] 

Helmet Significance...  

    I wrote this whole thing and sent it to the ML but I forgot the first time this kind of thing happened. This was supplied by French Daidaros refering to Vol 4. and Vol 5: 

    "You forgot the first time this helmet disappearance case occured.After Seiya beat Black Pegasus, the Black Ryűseiken makes him put his Cloth off. Then he fought Ikki without it. When he has to fight Misty, Mu calls the Cloth back, but the helmet is not on it."  

    Mu askes Kiki to get the lost Peagasus cloth but Kiki says he can't get the helmet; it is too deep. 

    In Vol 6, 

    1)Marin's ass gets kick left and right. Headpiece does not come off, crazy  

    In Vol 7, 

    1)We have Milo holding his helmet to meet the pope. 
    2)We have Aiolia holding his helmet to track down Seiya to fight. 
    3)Anyway, then he hits Shiana and Aiolia is sorry and carries Shaina and the 
    4)Then he leaves carrying Shaina and the Helmet after the battle. 
    5)Then when he confronts the Pope he doesnt have it? Wouldn't it be better  
       if you had it if you were going to accuse the Pope of something? 

    In Vol 8, 

    1)We have Mu wearing his gold cloth and he is carrying his 
       helmet, to stop Death Mask. 
    2)Again, in Aries temple, Mu still holding his helmet. 
    3)Remeber when Mu repaired the bronze cloths before the 12 temple battle, 
       Mu tells Seiya don't fight Gold Saints without a helmet yet Mu doesnt 
       wear his own helmet to fight. But I find Mu is too poweful to care. He he... 
    4)The fight with Aldebaran which Seiya cuts off his horn that is 
       why he let Seiya thru. What if Aldebaran was one of those guys who don't like to 
       wear helmets, what excuse would he have then?

    In Vol 9, 

    1)Aiolia has been programmed by the Pope and he wears his 
       helmet would he wear it if he wasn't programmed? 

    In Vol 10, 

    1)Ikki knocks Shaka's helmet off by his Phoenix Gen Ma Ken 
    2)Shiryu and Seiya sees Milo holding his helmet. 
    3)Milo fights them holding his helmet, cool huh? 
    4)Hyoga comes and Milo puts the helmet on.  
     In Vol 11, 

    1)Hyoga's Move knocks off Milo's helmet. 
    2)Hyoga is weak and tries to continue to fight Milo but Milo knocks off 
       Hyoga's helmet 
    3)When Hyoga comes to meet Seiya and Shiryu and Shun in Sagattarius  
        Temple, Hyoga don't have the helmet. Not even fighting Camus, he forgot  
    4)Shura cuts Shiryu's helmet in half. 
    5)Shiryu takes revenge and kicks Shura's helmet off. 
    6)Beautiful Saint Aphrodite holds his helmet when Seiya and Shun comes to 
       his temple.  

    In Vol 12, 

    1)but later Aphrodite puts the helmet on... hmmmmm.... 
    2)too bad though, Shun knocks the helmet off with his chain 
    3)Marin comes without helmet, cloth is in cracks, drop the helmet during the  
       climb of Star Hill? 
    4)Saga wears his gold cloth but hold his helmet. 
    5)Saga fights with Seiya holding the helmet 
    6)Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken!!! knocks off  Saga off and drops helmet 
    7)Shiryu falls down wearing Capriocrn Cloth, then we see helmet on the floor, 
       so did Shiryu wear it and then when he fell on the ground, the helmet came 
       off or the helmet was always off and it came down with the cloth? 
    8)Helmet starts to cry shows life in cloth  

    In Vol 13, 

    1)Ikki does his Phoenix Gilding... but Saga returns the favor and Ikki is 
       knocked to the piller, next frame ikki's helmet comes off 
    2)Mu is talking to everyone, Aiolia has taken off his helmet, so he does like it  
       off and carrying same as Milo, of course, Mu is still carrying it. 
    3)Saga does he Galaxyian Explosion, Ikki gets blown. Seiya had his helmet  
       before the move but after the move he doesn't, kocked off or smashed? 

    In Vol 14, 

    1)We sea Aiolia kick a Marina's ass but where is his helmet??? 
    2)Marina Thetis, the Mermaid, never wears a helmet even though she has 
    3)General Sorrento comes to Sea Dragon carrying his helmet. 
    4)General Sorrento, cuts Aldebaran's helmet off 
    5)Sorrento let everyone see Aldebaran's helmet in Undersea Temple. 

    In Vol 15,  

    1)General Baian of North Pacific fights with Seiya, his helmet 
       never comes off. His ass is getting kick left and right still it stick 
       on! Crazy Glue!!!???? 
    2)Shun fights General Io of South Pacific, Shun uses Wild Trap to  
       stop Io's Wolf Move and Io's helmet is smashed into pieces(Note* in  
       Disassemble Scale Pictures in the back, the helmet is labeled Wolf Head) 
    3)Shiryu takes off his cloth like always helmet off too. 

    In Vol 16, 

    1)Shiryu fights with Indian Ocean General Krishna. Shiryu uses 
       Shura's move Excuilbar and cuts the spear and half of Shogun's Scales in 
       half, the helmet is included. 
    2)Again Crazy Glue?? Ikki kicks Antarctic General's ass because he 
       hurt Hyoga and Seiya and Shun. Again, the helmet stays on... 
    3)Hyoga sees Artic Ocean General, he takes his helmet off it is 
       Hyoga's long time friend, Isaac. 
    4)Isaac was holding the helmet then few frames later, the helmet does not   
    In Vol 17, 

    1)Aiolia comes to Mu, both holding helmet. 
    2)Did Hyoga learn something from Isaac. The battle with his 
       friend was pretty intense, but Hyoga's helmet stay on. 
    3)Milo and Shaka holding Helmet too Alderbaran's helmet was taken by  
    4)In Sanctuary, Aiolia and Mu holds their helmet, Milo and Shaka also. 
    5)Ikki fights with North Alantic General and he smashes Ikki's helmet 
       with his move 
    6)He takes off his Helmet, it is Kanon! 
    7)Shaina tries to kick Poseidon'ass but mask and helmet cut in half. 
    8)Kanon after sending Ikki to a different dimension, he puts his helmet 
       back on 
    9)Seiya' cloth get smashed by Poseidon, helmet too. 
    10)Shiryu took everything off on the last fight now he comes with Hyoga with 
          helmet too. 
    11)Hyoga's and Shiryu's cloth destroyed by Poseidon, helmet too. 
    12)Sorrento uses Death End Symphony and destroy Shun's chains and  
    13)Shun does his Nebula Stream and Sorrento's helmet is 
    14)Too bad Kanon, Ikki uses his Phoenix Gen Ma Ken and his helmet flys 
    15)Saga not wearing helmet 13 years ago too. 
    In Vol 18, 

    1)Kanon puts on his Sea Dragon Scales, helmet is on. Few frames later, not! 
    2)Again Saga not wearing helmet, consistent... 
    3)Seiya and friends put their cosmos on the arrow and the arrow knocks 
       off Poseidon's helmet. 
    4)Shiryu uses the weapon Shield to hit Main Breadwinner, it 
       doesn't work and his Libra helmet is knocked off 
    5)Hyoga uses his weapon Tonfa and bloom! his helmet is knocked off too 
    6)But when Seiya uses his weapon, his helmet stays on? Seiya used Crazy  
    7)All three use different weapons and together they still can't hurt the 
       piller, and this time, Seiya's helmet is knocked off.(We can see it 
       lying on the ground.) 

    In Vol 19, 

    1)We see Mu, of course, holding his helmet 
    2)He kneels down infront of his Master, and puts his helmet down 
    3)After that the helmet don't exist..... 
    4)Mu knocks off Aphrodite and Death Mask, Aphrodite's helmet comes off. 
       Death Mask's doesn't hmmm.... he learned his lesson with Cancer Gold 
       Cloth and put on crazy glue...? 
    5)We see Saga with his Surplice, holding his helmet  
    6)Saga, Shura and Camus kneel and Saga put down helmet. 
    7)We finally see Shion's face, holds his helmet 
    8)Mu's helmet exists again he is holding it while running towards the 
      other temples 
    9)Radamanthys kicks Aphrodite and Death Mask's ass, Death Mask's 
       helmet blown to pieces, can't escape it Death Mask... :) 
    10)Radamanthys, one of Underworld's Big 3s, anyway   
         Radamanthys kneels down in front of Pandora holds his helmet. 
    11)Remeber Sorrento took Aldebaran's Helmet in Poseidon Chapter, how 
         the hell does he have it now in Hades Chapter?! Seiya got it back for  
         him? The helmet flew back to his owner by its will? 
    12)Radamanthys put back his helmet on like always after seeing Pandora 
    13)Saga knocks off the helmet of Gemini cloth and find out the cloth is  
         empty, while Saga's own helmet disappears a while. It comes back when  
         they pass the temple 
    14)Milo carrying his helmet again. 
    15)Milo throws away helmet to kick Kanon's ass. 
    16)Milo after doing the ass kicking and redemption thing, walks off down 
         the stairs carrying his helmet. 

    In Vol 20, 

    1)When Saga attacks his helmet disappears and then later comes back  
    2)Shaka does not wear the helmet, where is it? The helmet does not exist 
    3)Shion starts to fight with Dohko, droped the helmet? 
    4)Dohko talks about the previous Hades War, you can see in the picture  
       both Shion and Dohko does not wear helmets. 
    5)Dohko is 18 again(If Aphrodite was not that bad, do you think he can  
       convince Athena to give him Misopetha-Menos?) Anyway 
       Dohko puts on his Gold Libra cloth holds his helmet. 
    6)Dohko fights, helmet don't exist. 
    7)Mu gets hit and drops his helmet 
    8)After that, the helmet don't exist in the manga no more.. 
    9)Milo is holding his helmet again in the other hand! 

    In Vol 21, 

    1)We see Aiolia holding his helmet with the right hand to meet the specters 
         and he does Lighting Plasma with the left hand.
    2)Aiolia takes off the cape and fights, the helmet don't exist no more in the
    3)Shaka blows away the pretend helmets, Saga and Shura and Camus are 
       wearing, it reveals all of them are not wearing helmets, did the earlier 
       confrontation when Skaka hit his cosmos on the Cancer temple destroy 
       Shura and Camus's helmet? How about Saga? 
    4)Milo starts to fight Saga and the others,where is the helmet? Milo threw away
      again? His helmet is never seen again like Mu, Aiolia and Shaka  

    In Vol 22, 

    1)Shiryu is wearing his helmet, after finishing AE, the helmet is blown 
       to pieces 
    2)Again, Radamanthys comes to Pandora carrying his helmet 
    3)Dohko is at Shion's disappearing place and holds helmet, this is the last 
       time we see it. It don't exist like Mu, Aiolia, Shaka and Milo.
    4)Radamanthys has his helmet on after been punlished by Pandora 
    5)The specter Zeros, his ass is getting kicked by Hyoga 
       left and right, the helmet stays on, Crazy glue? 

    In Vol 23, 

    1)Seiya and Shun meets with a specter, one of the guards of the court 
       house. The guard is not wearing a helmet even though he is one of those 
       little pawn specters, their surplice has a helmet 
    2)Lune is not wearing a helmet. The first time I saw him in the Dissemble  
       Surplice Pictures I almost couldn't recoignize him because the helmet is on. 
    3)Lune thought he killed Shun and slice him to pieces, and then the head 
      of Shun is saying he is Hades and Lune is very sorry and carries the head 
      and runs out of the court house. Lune runs into Radamanthys and tells him 
      about the head but it is revealed to be Lune's helmet, interesting huh? 
    4)Kanon is wearing the Gemini Gold Cloth the helmet is not seen thru 
       out the manga until Kanon takes the cloth off? Where is he hiding it? 
    5)Hades's dog Kerberos, eats Seiya and the helmet is left on the ground 
       with Seiya's blood on it 
    6)Seiya didn't get eat up, both Shun and Seiya kick the dog's ass and 
       after this Seiya don't pick up his helmet. He leaves it there and the rest 
       of the manga, he doesn't have it 
    7)We see Orphee, he doesn't wear the helmet thru out the manga even  
       though he has one. BTW, I think he looks cooler without the helmet... 

    In Vol 24, 

    1)Orphee's music makes his opponenet, Pharao's instrument break and 
       Orphee wins. If the focus was not on the instrument would it be the 
    2)Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken!!! and knocks off Radamanthys's helmet breaks it a 
    3)Pandora is tending to Shun, now possessed by Hades's Spirit. Shun's 
       cloth is on the ground we see the helmet 
    4)The other two Big 3s are awake, Radamanthys wears his helmet, I bet 
        he loves that helmet... 
    5)Kanon fights with Radamanthys, Kanon's Move smashes Radamanthys's  
    6)Ikki comes with one swipe of the hand knocks off Aiacos's helmet 

    In Vol 25, 

    1)Aiacos does an elbow attack, and Ikki falls down, helmet comes off 

    In Vol 26, 

    1)Shun is back to be his old self. He is not wearing a helmet. He couldn't 
       find it? Pandora threw away? 
    2)Shaina and Marin not wearing head piece. Shaina didn't bother to ask Mu  
       to fix it? 
    3)Okay big question, remeber Kanon, the helmet of Gemini is never seen, 
       but when he takes off the cloth, the assembled Gemini cloth has it! It is 
       because the cloth can travel in light speed so bloom! it's there? 
    4)The resurrected Gold Saints all got helmets, Give thanks to Athena!! 
    5)Shiryu gets kicked by 3 specters, his helmet gets smashed. 
    6)Shiryu takes revenge and Exculibar cut their helmets a little slice(Remeber the   t
       incident with Shura's helmet. I bet Shiryu did it for Shura) 
    7)Hyoga does Diamond Dust!!! but Minos returns the move back into  
       Hyoga and the helmet is on the ground. You can see it if you look closely. 
    8)Hyoga does Aurora Execution and Minos gets it, the helmet of Minos is 
    9)The specter Queen, does his move almost cuts Shiryu's head off, Shiryu  
       returns the favor, and does Exculibar, and Queen's helmet knocks off!! 
    10)The specter Gordon, uses his axe move to smash Shiryu's Exculibar,  
         Shiryu fights back with Rozan Shou Ryu Ha!!!! Gordon's helmet gets  
         knocked off!!! 
    11)The specter Sylphid, uses his move to knock Shiryu to the wall. Shiryu  
         been the most awesome guy! gives him Rozan Ryu Hi Shou!!!, Sylphid  
         helmet is no more. AWESOME!!!! LOVE SHIRYU!!! 

    In Vol 27, 

    1)Ikki does Phoenix Gilding and Thanatos, the God of Death's helmet gets 
       knocked off! YER IKKI! KICK HIS ASS!! 
    2)Another big question, the respective Gold Cloth comes, it all shows 
       it has the helmets but when Seiya and friends put them on, they don't wear 
       them? What? Now they are cool and copy the Gold Saints??? 
       Or the helmets knows that Thanatos is going to smash the Gold cloths  
       and the helmets ran away????????!!!!!! Smart asses!!!! 

    In Vol 28, 

    1)Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken!!!!!! Hypnos, the God of Sleep's helmet is knocked 
       off. Seiya runs away "SEE YA DONT WANT TO BE YA!" 
    2)Seiya tries to kick Hades' spirits' ass but can't, instead Seiya's God  
       helmet gets knocked off. 
    3)Seiya does Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken, Ikki does Phoenix Gilding.... it doesn't 
       work, bloom Ikki's helmet gets knocked off too, you can see the helmet 
       in the picture 
    4)Hades is in his own Surplice, and he is carrying his helmet!!! SEE! THE 
       think Hades' helmet is very unique) 
       HADES' BUTT, BUT NO!!!! Hyoga, Shiryu and Shun's helmets get  
       knocked off instead! 
       HELMET IS OFF!!!!!!! 

    These are all I can find. If I missed some, E-Mail me. If you think up other reasons the helmets is not worn, tell me too. 

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